Snow Sports

Line Miner XM Harmony Fade Goggles
Made with Oakley’s latest Prizm lens, the Line Miner XM Harmony Fade goggles enhance cyan and red to help best distinguish snow contrast in a stark landscape of white. The goggle shape has classic stylings, but features excellent peripheral vision...
Winter Backcountry Snow Gear
With early snowstorms hitting the east coast in the USA, it's clear that winter has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, and people all over are enjoying the ever-growing sport of backcountry skiing. But backcountry conditions are variable, and sometimes...
Word of Mouth: Golden, BC
The town of Golden, British Columbia—in the picturesque Kootenay region tucked away between the Rockies and Columbia Mountain ranges—is a small historical logging town, and an appealing location for snow sports enthusiasts. Close to Banff, Glacier...
Spring Ski Gear
This week the equinox occurred, meaning—for the Northern Hemisphere—spring ski touring is right around the corner. Having comfortable no-fuss gear is key for an enjoyable trip during the warmer months. Like with all outdoor sports, it's best to...
Pontresina, Switzerland's Grand Hotel Kronenhof
A collection of time-tested attributes unite behind the words "Grand Hotel." Some allude to a palatial structure, others reference five-star service and even more address historic international clientele. All of this can be found at Pontresina, Switzerland...
Julbo Reissues Their Timeless Vermont Classic
French eyewear company Julbo began making protective glasses for the crystal-hunters of Chamonix back in 1888 and in 1950 released classic mountaineering glasses, The Vermont. The latter were worn by mountaineers and rockstars at the beginning...
Ski Uphill With Dynafit
Skiing uphill isn’t new, but has been increasing in popularity over the last few decades, becoming a favorite discipline for many skiers. Ski-mountaineering, which refers to the sport of skinning (skiing uphill with adhesive backed fabric on skis...
Salisbury, Connecticut's Jumpfest 2015
The Salisbury Winter Ski Association (SWSA, pronounced "swaa-sa") is a local club in Salisbury, Connecticut that teaches kids to ski jump. Now in its 89th year, SWSA is one of the last all-volunteer run clubs in the country. Every Sunday morning...