Snow Peak

Pack + Carry Fireplace
Whether you're looking to grill or simply enjoy the flicker of fire at dusk and beyond, Snow Peak's 11-pound stainless steel pack-and-carry fireplace makes for a safe place to whip of a small blaze. It easily folds up for cleaning and transport, but...
Indigo Stole Shirt
Snow Peak’s Indigo Stole button-down shirt is cut from an indigo-dyed, cotton-linen blend fabric and features patterning that’s bold—but not too busy. Made in Okayama, Japan—a region famous for its denim production—the unisex shirt incorporates Snow...
Two New Camp Stoves from Snow Peak
Spending time outside is always made a little better with a few comforts from home. A hot meal and a fresh cup of coffee at the base of a climb or deep in the wilderness is a welcomed luxury. Japanese outdoor brand Snow Peak has two new compact and...
Westerlind: Online Shopping for the Outdoors
Since 2007, Swedish entrepreneur and outdoor enthusiast Andrea Westerlind has been seeking out the most effective, timeless wilderness gear from all corners of the globe. A third generation member of a Swedish fashion house, Westerlind began working...
Mini Hozuki Lantern
The Mini Hozuki Lantern brings sharp, modern design to your campsite. The smart and slick little LED bulb emits warm, natural light reminiscent of a candle, and features intuitive controls and a powerful magnetic fastener.
Mola Headlamp by Snow Peak
Aside from increasing luminosity and battery life, there is seemingly little room for innovation in headlamp design—the essential utility piece for camping, backpacking and adventures of the like. Leave it to Japan's purveyor of intelligent outdoor...
Café Luxe Kit
Coffee snobs don't have many options when it comes to camping, a hobby dominated by single-serving packs of less-than-tasty instant brews. For those unwiling to sacrifice fresh brewed flavor on mountain treks (not to mention superior design), Snow...
Tulip Lantern
Always a step ahead of the rest in the niche outdoor tech industry, Snow Peak makes intuitive and aesthetically focused backpacking gear and adventure-driven accessories. Building on the strength of products like their titanium iphone case, the...
Snow Peak has just launched the SnowMiner headlamp, another top-tier camping accessory constructed with the brand's typical intuitive design and minimalist aesthetic. With enough power to last 140 hours, the compact direct-beam headlamp transforms...
Titanium iPhone 4 Cover
Having tried a few different iPhone cases, I was skeptical that any could offer protection without majorly detracting from the sleek form of the phone itself—much less one designed by a camping gear brand. But after shattering my second iPhone...