Smart Home

June's Computer-Based Intelligent Oven
Ovens can be scary. Fire hazards aside, their large size, time investment and oftentimes unreliable results can be intimidating to amateur cooks, which is why many seek escape in the form of take-out. Tackling the inefficiency of a kitchen appliance...
Smart Booo Wireless Light Dimmer
As the internet of things as a concept continues to materialize, more and more smart products for the home are introduced. Some are born out of necessity, while others seem to simply exist for fun and to push the space further. The Smart Booo lands...
Dyson's First Ever Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Intelligent, powerful and effective—these are the qualities customers look for in a robot vacuum cleaner for it to surpass novelty gadget level. After 16 years (and millions of dollars) spent in research and development, the just-announced Dyson...
Refuel Propane Monitoring Tool From Quirky
Few things ruin a party's vibe quite like a broken BBQ, especially if the issue is something as simple as a lack of propane. To monitor your grill's fuel level, the collective of clever minds at Quirky recently released the Refuel smart propane tank...
Cook Smarter with Range Oven Intelligence
Cooking for friends and family is one of life's simple pleasures, but the process itself isn't always simple. Ovens overheat, temperature gauges in old appliances lie and there's always that nagging suspicion something's been left on. The team at...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Farewell, Sugar Man Director It surprised no one when Malik Bendjelloul won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature at the 2013 Academy Awards. His film "Searching for Sugar Man" (which happened to be his directorial debut) won the hearts of fans...
Charged: The Smartest Home
In recent years, the ways in which we as culture interact with technology has shifted. Much in the same way the iPhone completely changed how cell phones, cameras and music players are considered, devices like thermostats that learn how warm you...
Whether it's hosting a house party or having clients come to your office, chances are you've dealt with giving out your network details—and you know it's a bit of a pain. It can also be a security liability; with so many of your own devices connected...
Piper Smart Home System
While the quantified self continues to be a major trend in consumer tech, the smart home sector is quickly picking up speed and attention as well. A standout among the many presented at this year's CES was Piper, which launches to the public today...