Satta Presents Spiritual Materialism
Drawing on a combination of illustration, painting and woodworking skills, Joe Lauder has swiftly put Satta—his line of retro-inspired, handmade cruiser skateboards and accompanying apparel—on the global skate and surf radar. His collaborative work...
Solid Skateboards for Kids
In an attempt to share the original, rebellious spirit of skateboarding with a younger generation, graffiti artist and European skateboard industry veteran Dave the Chimp is bringing his passion for the activity to a new venture this summer. Chimp...
Graphic Artist Michael Willis for Mood Skateboards
The design-driven duo behind Brooklyn-based skateboard company Mood is at it again. As with collections past, their collaborative efforts have culminated in a series of eye-catching skateboards and apparel donning the work of two new talented artists...
Satta + Stevie Gee: Be Love Now
London's Brixton neighborhood is fast becoming a bastion of creativity and artisan craftwork south of the river. Leading the charge is Joe Lauder of Satta, a woodworker and artist specializing in handmade skate decks that call to mind the early days...
Blast Skates Illustrated Boards
A little while ago London-based illustrator Matthew Bromley put his freelance illustration career on hold in favor of a nine-to-five design job. This regular salary has meant Bromley could fund his very own skate label, Blast Skates. This week, the...
Denis Carrier for GoldCoast Skateboards
Split between Utah and California, GoldCoast Skateboards makes everything one needs to enjoy life on four urethane wheels. With design-minded graphics and a focus on having fun, the brand connects with both those in and outside skateboard culture...
by Eva Glettner Portland, Oregon's MapleXO rebirths old skateboards and skateboard scraps by turning them into everything from containers to bottle openers to earrings. Their most exciting object—the recently released Skatelamp—is a MapleXO collaboration...
Leatherman Grind
The diagnosis of dangerously loose hardware—when you realize your skateboard feels squirrelier than ever but you're, no doubt, far from home—often leaves you no choice but to ask a stranger to borrow a screwdriver and wrench. To make sure you're...
Victory Press
A little nostalgia is always welcome in the apparel game, especially when incorporated through retro-styled design without inhibiting modern functionality. Inspired by skate and surf culture of the '80s and outdoor gear of the '90s, Brooklyn's own...
Wemoto Clothing: Rap Idols Series
Skateboard decks have almost become as much about artwork as skateboarding itself. Sometimes that's just fine, especially in the case of German brand Wemoto Clothing's newly released Rap Idols Series. The decks feature three of the genre's most influential...
Interview: Jacob Henley of Salemtown Board Co.
by Madison Kahn Last November, all that Tennessee-native Jacob Henley had was a tank of gas, some reclaimed wood and a big idea: to mentor inner-city Nashville youth by teaching them how to build one-of-a-kind skateboards. Now, six months later...
Interview: Hanni El Khatib
San Francisco-born, LA-based Hanni El Khatib's new album Head in the Dirt—produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys—is perfect summertime listening. It contains more of that blues and garage-influenced rock that the singer-songwriter is best known...
Laser-Engraved Skate Decks
Instead of paint and stickers, the small Savannah, Georgia-based design shop Magnetic Kitchen laser-engraved images onto their seven-ply maple wood skate decks. Available in 13 unique patterns, from "Di Humani" skeletons to "Grandma's Sofa" toile-like...
Dominic Owen's Z-Boys
Home to many of our favorite drawers, London seems to be boiling over with talented illustrators as of late. The most recent to catch our eye is the young and restless Dominic Owen. His character-driven illustrations take on a life of their own...
Interview: Eric McHenry
Sponsored content: In a high performance world, Braun creates innovative designs built to last seven years. For the Built to Perform series Braun profiles 15 innovative guys in an intimate look at their life passions and the unique objects of design...
CH Gift Guide: High/Low
When it comes to gifting it's the thought that counts, but we all know that budget factors pretty heavily into the equation as well. While we all wish we could shower everyone on our list with big-ticket treasures worthy of their wildest fantasies...
SSCY Tack Bag
Designed to quickly convert from shopping-sized tote to bicycle-ready backpack, the Tack from SSCY bridges the gap between the two traditional bag designs. Constructed entirely by hand, the second multifunctional bag from the Brooklyn-based designer...
iPhone SkateBack
A collaboration between Grove and MapleXO, these iPhone 5 and 4/4s backs are sustainably made from the waste wood of a Portland-based skateboard maker. And because each one is made of skate scraps, every individual case is truly unique.
DQM + Cliché Corkscrew
As part of the recent collaboration launched earlier this month between NYC's famed skate boutique DQM and French skateboard company Cliché, this old-fashioned corkscrew comes just in time to help celebrate the holidays. To give the basic tool...
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