Short Stories

Six Spooky Books for the Scary Season
Nobody need sacrifice intellectualism for the sake of a good scare. There are many frightening, well-written books—both fiction and non—already out there, of course. But a selection of a new releases has grabbed hold of our attention and their captivating...
Collecting Words
There's something about text found outside of screens and pages, in the "wild," that grabs our attention. It's the way they make a declaration in the public realm, trying to join our personal conversations. For the past five years—starting around...
Future You Zine
With short stories by Nada Alic, artwork by Andrea Nakhla and photos from Angela Lewis all wrapped up in a package designed by Nik Ewing (of the band Local Natives), the new zine "Future You" is a thoughtful and perfectly oddball publication that...
The Best of McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
A lot has changed online since the literary world's beloved Dave Eggers began McSweeney's Internet Tendency 15 years ago. With the current digital climate plagued by frivolous cat videos and impulsive Twitter comments, finding intellectually entertaining...
theNewerYork Anthology
For those who have nothing left to pick over at the local bookstore's summer display, theNewerYork looks to shake things up in the mainstream literary world by hosting alternatives to the "triumvirate" of poetry, short stories and novels. With the...