Fundamental Berlin's Not-So-Ordinary Frames
"The inspiration was fishnet tights!" Steve Molloy, co-founder of The Fundamental Group, tells CH about the brand's unique grid frames. "It was about how sometimes a thing becomes more interesting when it has been slightly obscured. Sort of like...
Gorman + Camille Walala Collaboration
Talented East London-based artist (and CH favorite) Camille Walala has just teamed up with another brand, for yet another colorful and spirited collaboration. This time, Walala has joined forces with Australian clothing label, Gorman—founded in...
Muffin Top Muffin Cups
We couldn't think of a more fitting time than the holidays to pay homage the glorious muffin top. A cushioning part of our anatomy, often scorned, these supple bits of softness form a necessary layer during the colder months, and serve as a well-earned...
Marion Bataille's "Numero"
Part entertaining pop-up book for young numerophiles, part creative dissection of numbers' visually symbolic values, Marion Bataille's forthcoming book "Numero" breaks down the world's most basic integers with each turn of the page. A New York Times...
Les Poupées and Vader
Les Poupées marks the first collaboration between Italian designer Luca Nichetto and French gallerist Pascale Cottard Olsson in Stockholm. Combining a ceramic candle holder with a glass vase, each object blends cultural references from the pure lines...
Funnybone Toys
A new line of games from Funnybone Toys looks to the design world as inspiration. The three innovative card games, Array, Cubu and Spectrix, build off of the color spectrum, sequencing and counting to create engaging children's activities. While...