New Wash From Hairstory
It takes a hair industry veteran to call out the fact that almost every shampoo on the market has detergent (aka sodium lauryl sulfate) in it—an irritant that strips and dries hair, fueling the perpetual cycle of buying products like conditioners...
Jatamansi Shampoo
Made using the intensely aromatic essential oil extracted from Jatamansi flower root (which grows in the Himalayas and has been used for centuries in perfume, incense and even herbal medicine), Jurgen Lehl's shampoo is a delight for your hair and your...
Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste
R+Co's latest addition to its line of eye-catching hair products is an unusual combination of dry shampoo and styling paste, which helps create that effortless just-rolled-out-of-bed look—sans the oiliness. When rubbed between the hands, the paste...
Five Sulfate-Free Shampoos
The sulfate-free debate is a tricky one that often results in a lot of suds and no clear answer. Though omnipresent in most drugstore goods like soap, toothpaste and shampoos, only recently has the public become more aware of the nature of sodium lauryl...
Fetching Dog Shampoo
The "people-tested" Fetching Dog Shampoo from Brooklyn-based body care brand Skinny Skinny works on any pup, but was created specifically for dogs with sensitive skin. Comprised of all organic ingredients like rosemary, citronella and ylang ylang...