SLMMSK Anti-Selfie App
For the selfie-obsessed out there (and even those who aren't yet into the craze), a new alternative is afoot and it's carrying some Orwellian vibes. Glitché's latest iOS app SLMMSK uses face recognition software and the phone's front-facing camera...
A Selfie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away by Mike Mellia
The selfie can convey just about anything. Commonly now seen in the form of the "duck face," or the boastful vacation shot—it's not who we are, but how we'd like to be perceived. In that respect, the selfie apes the best of classical European portraiture...
The Public Profile of An American Girl
As of September 2013, Facebook reported that 350 million new photos were uploaded each day—and Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities dictates that under the public setting anyone can access and use that information. Raising questions...
The Life of Ultra Violet
Earlier this year we had the opportunity to enter the world of artist Ultra Violet, born Isabelle Collin Dufresne. The French-born, NYC-based iconoclast passed away this weekend after an illustrious career that involved inspiring cultural and artistic...
"You've been BLOXED!" That's what you'll be hearing following the upcoming launch of the new social app LEBLOX, which lets users create a pixelized version of almost anything and then share and 3D print the designs. It's reminiscent of the cult...