Self Edge

Indigo-Dyed Watch Cap
In indigo and black indigo, Self Edge's watch caps feature Japanese rope-dyed indigo yarns; each being a 100% cotton custom woven fabric. These snug, soft items also sport a custom pewter concho pin—a nice differentiating touch on a common staple item...
3sixteen + Thomas Hooper, the Decade Collection
In the fast-paced world of fashion, brands come and go with the seasons. NYC-based 3sixteen is one label that continues to stand strong with its commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Specializing in denim, 3sixteen is celebrating its 10-year...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Roy Denim
Hidden on a back street in Oakland, California in an unassuming warehouse lies what may be the pinnacle of denim craftsmanship in the USA. Roy Denim, the second of our videos to premiere at last week's 99% Conference, is actually just one man, Roy...
Roy Denim in the Making
Generally considered the arbiter of denim, Self Edge recently took a trip to Greensboro, North Carolina to visit the world's oldest denim mill and document the making of Roy's new denim. Designed from warp to weft by Roy Slaper himself, the custom...
La Brea
From Japanese selvage denim to modern bohemian tunics, La Brea is quickly becoming one of the most creative shopping destinations in Los Angeles. The neighborhood redevelopment project has helped inspire several new stores to open their doors on the...
Self Edge x Toyo Enterprises: SEXT11 Jungle Cloth Jeans
Sometimes timing is everything. I walked into Self Edge as these beauties were being unpacked, and was fortunate enough to get the first pair. Like most Sugar Canes and Self Edge collaborations the beauty is in the details. Based on the specs...