Interview: Sculptor Jaume Plensa
Among the roster of international contemporary artists frequently positioning their art in public (and outdoor) settings, few bend the mind as much as Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa. If his name isn't immediately familiar, his work most certainly will...
Sculptural Storage Jars
Darkroom's colorful, hand-dyed cork lids turn the average aluminum storage jar into a sculptural container and keep coffee, tea or weed super fresh.
Miami Art Week 2016: Masked + Distorted Faces
The human form has manifested in art since creativity's earliest days. Further, many of the most iconic works across time convey figures and faces—be it within sculptural realism or avant-garde poeticism. As expected, all of the fairs we attended during...
Banana Pipe
Peddled under the name Gatorbeug, the handmade earthenware pipes by Australian designer Tom Mason are equal parts art objet and functional device. This sculptural, smokable banana might inspire healthier choices when the munchies set in.
Miami Art Week 2016: Creature Keepers
Ceramic or bronze, old or new, subliminal or overt, this year's Miami Art Week ushered in a range of sculptures which gave off delightfully animated appearances. Visiting the plethora of fairs that are part of the inspiring, week-long event, we saw...
Miami Art Week 2016: Chaotic Landscapes
Landscape imagery has long factored into the world of art and captivated viewers either by way of accuracy or interpretation. While searching the halls of the numerous art fairs that compose Miami Art Week, an abundance of impactful, chaotic landscapes...
The Haas Brother's "King Dong Come" at R & Company
Exceptional exhibitions are often entirely transportive; removing attendees from normalcy and delivering them to otherness. It can be done subtly, of course, but the route artistic duo The Haas Brothers have taken with "King Dong Come" is anything...
Lana Crooks' Sculptural Specimens at "All That Remains"
We are in the midst of a season for bewilderment and succumbing to the bizarre (meaning Halloween, though, we suppose the election qualifies, as well). With that in mind, it's quite easy to be taken by the sculptural treasures of artist Lana Crooks...
Tucker Viemeister's Log Type E Chair
With a balance of timeless inspiration, new technology and traditional material, industrial designer Tucker Viemeister created the Type E chair. Viemeister took the physical impression of the classic Eames plastic mid-century chair and embedded...
Nelson Saiers' "Shortening: Making Irrational Rational" at Alcatraz
Every detail of NYC-based artist Nelson Saiers' current exhibition inside San Francisco's Alcatraz (the famous prison turned National Park) carries depths of meaning. Why would an artist string up football jerseys in the numerical order of Pi inside...
Emily Forgot's "Neverland" Exhibition at KK Outlet Gallery, Shoreditch
It's a bold move to invoke the mythical name of Neverland. For many, it already brings substantial associations pertaining to youth and imagination. And yet, graphic artist Emily Forgot (a moniker adopted by multidisciplinary artist and designer Emily...
Artist Bosco Sodi's "Malpaís"
Inhabiting a building that was recently a boutique and is now a temporary exhibition space, Bosco Sodi’s work transforms the light-filled space into an otherworldly place. Greeting us at the door, Sodi looks around at the organic forms as if seeing...
Mini Poop Emoji Sculpture
Along with the upside-down smiley face, side eye and praying hands, the poop emoji must be toward the top of the most-used and most-loved list. Recognizing the phenomenon that is this new language—and the significance of the cheerfully smiling...
Maarten Baas Paints the Time at Schipol
Dutch designer Maarten Baas revisits his 2009 "Real Time" concept in a new site-specific project commissioned by Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, following in the footsteps of other "Real Time" clocks found in the nearby Rijksmuseum, as well as the...
Landmark at Queens' Socrates Sculpture Park
Occupying a nook of green space along the waterfront in Long Island City, Queens, Socrates Sculpture Park has developed a reputation over the last 30 years for two things. First, the organization behind it (founded by sculptor Mark di Suvero) has acted...
Venice Biennale 2016: "LifeObject"
by Ari Samuel In tune with this year’s “Reporting from the Front” theme commissioned by Venice Biennale Chief Curator Alejandro Aravena, the Israel Pavilion unveiled "LifeObject," an immersive and stimulating exhibition analyzing the synergy...
Pick Me Up Festival London, 2016: Charming Sculptures
One of the things that makes London-based graphic design festival Pick Me Up such a fun event to visit is that it really gives visitors direct access to the pulse of the current UK design scene. The festival is currently in its seventh year, and this...
Prune Nourry's Immersive "Anima" Exhibition at The Invisible Dog
For eight years now, sculptor Prune Nourry has been fascinated by what she refers to as "the frontier between the human and the animal." This exploration, as well as the concept of soul, has infused her works from inspiration to execution. Her...
Female Artists at the 10th Annual Art Dubai
The leading global art fair in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, Art Dubai passed a milestone this past weekend, completing its 10th annual show at the Madinat Jumeirah. More than an anniversary edition, the 500 artist strong ever-expanding...
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