Interview: Artist Polly Nor
Polly Norton’s female characters are as 21st century as they come: fun-loving, unabashedly sexual, and doing whatever the hell they want—whether that is hanging out with devils, being devils, lazily sex surfing, or having some fun with lava lamps...
The Fantod Pack
Read your (mis)fortune today with The Fantod Pack, Edward Gorey’s dark, but humorous, illustrated spoof on tarot cards. An interpretation booklet unlocks the meaning of Gorey’s trademark macabre sketches—each a miniature work of art—of symbols like...
Interview: Eric Yahnker
Los Angeles-based artist and former South Park animator Eric Yahnker is known for his highly skilled, large-scale drawings that use humor as a platform for his social and political views. In his current exhibition—called "Ebony & Benghazi"—currently...
Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason
What's the worst icebreaker you can think of? Mike Sacks has some suggestions: "This party reminds me of 9/11;" "What's your all-time favorite coupon?" or "They're night-vision goggles, and no, I won't be removing them." "Icebreakers to Avoid...