San Francisco

Seventy-Five Years Later, Ketums is Reborn
In 1925 Joseph Smutek set up shop on a leafy street on the western outskirts of Paris. His business was raincoats and Smutek quickly become known in the area for the quality and utility of his garments. As his sons took over the family business in...
Old Meets New in Kitsbow's Icon Shirt
There's no shortage of cycling brands designing clothes to transition seamlessly from the on the bike to on the street. From moisture management to visibility to ease of movement, cycling apparel has made a quantum leap in wearability for the neon...
Alite + Boreas Commuter Backpack
The strongest collaborations draw from the strengths of each involved party—and the new roll-top pack from Alite and Boreas is a shining example. Both San Francisco-based companies know the value of a sturdy yet stylish, multipurpose pack. Alite...
Timbuk2 + Blue Bottle Coffee: Travel Brew Kit
For true coffee lovers, enjoying a well-crafted cup isn't just a luxury, it's a daily necessity. Exploring new places near and far sometimes leads us to enlightening coffee discoveries by way of small-town roasters but, more often than not, it results...
The California Sunday Magazine
By the time Pop-Up Magazine brought their live-performance "literary magazine" to NYC in collaboration with ESPN, they were already four "issues" into a cultural phenomenon anchored in the Bay Area. An issue of Pop-Up happens to be a night of art...
Ai Weiwei: @Large
The throng arrived early and in large groups for the first departure of the day to Alcatraz Island from Pier 33 in San Francisco. After ferry-goers disembarked boat, it was clear who was there to see political dissident Ai Weiwei’s new show, @Large...
Pinhole's Custom Coffee Goods
by Chérmelle Edwards For her new independently owned San Francisco outpost Pinhole Coffee, former Blue Bottle barista JoEllen Depakakibo tapped Toronto-based Monarch Methods to create a custom range of goods. The Bernal Heights shop will feature...
Christopher Willits: OPENING
We've come to expect Ghostly International to push boundaries. The independent label excels in everything from product design to lo-fi house records, and their roster of artists is deft in crossing creative lines. San Francisco-based multimedia artist...
Doubleparlour Sculptures
Say hello to Cassandra and Ernie Velasco of Doubleparlour—and all of their little friends. The husband and wife duo is based in Lower Haight, San Francisco and started showing their work in 2007. Over the years, they’ve shown artwork at group and...
Thermos Brand's Overnight Coffee Challenge
Advertorial content: When Sir James Dewar invented the vacuum flask in 1892, he knew that he'd created a tool that would change storage forever. What he didn't know is that his creation, the Thermos, would be a household name over a century later...
Interview: Kyleigh Kühn of Roots of Peace
At the age of 13, in a remote Croatian minefield, Bay Area-native Kyleigh Kühn's life changed forever. Visiting the war-torn region left an indelible mark on Kühn, inspiring her to join in Roots of Peace, an international non-profit organization...
Boob Tote
Gravel & Gold is a San Francisco-based shop of kitschy wonders that's serious about knowing (and supporting) the artists behind the wares they stock. Their in-house line G&G Goods is nothing to scoff at either. Bare it all with their hand-printed and...
How to Make Wine
Home beer brewing receives a lot of love these days, but let us not forget the virtues of viticulture. This fun cartoon print by New York Times illustrator and graphic journalist Wendy MacNaughton reduces the age-old art of winemaking down to 22 easy...
Marine Layer Clothing
When Mike Natenshon’s girlfriend accidentally threw out his favorite T-shirt—perfectly soft from years of wash and wear—he underwent a long series of experiments to replicate that worn-in comfiness right off the rack. And, while the former investment...
The Span Watch from Box Clever
With their new proposed timepiece, design firm Box Clever offers up a refined amalgamation of what we love in analog watches and what we've come to expect from modern technology. A jump hour, quartz-driven timekeeping unit operates the hour hand...
Olivers Apparel
Balancing versatility with simplicity, San Francisco-based Olivers Apparel sets out to inject a bit of sophistication in the fit and styling of men's athletic apparel. Their very first offering, the All Over Short combines the athletic capability...
Women in Industrial Design Show 2014
At this year's San Francisco Design Week (13-20 June 2014), an inaugural event will honor 15 female designers across two categories—up and coming and professionals. Sponsored by the Women in Industrial Design division of IDSA (Industrial Designers...
Shape Field Chair
With a woven, plastic-thatched seat and wooden sliding arms, the traditional campsite folding chair is one of the more nostalgic pieces of outdoor furniture. Yet its bulky design and cheap materials make it prone to breakage—not to mention hair...
Winter Fancy Food Show 2014
Walking through the rows upon rows of exhibits at San Francisco's Winter Fancy Food Show proved to be a herculean task. The goal of surveying as many products as possible was made easy with McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams ' new Eureka lemon flavor with...
Endswell Jewelry
3D printing may be the Industrial Revolution of today, but most of the consumer 3D-printed goods that are currently on sale to the public often look like they've come from a printer. When the product's biggest sell is the technology used to make...
Molly M Designs
by Eva Glettner The symmetry and array of colors in Moroccan architecture are striking, and everyone, from mathematicians to artists, has found inspiration in the great domes and arches of these magnificent buildings by the Mediterranean Sea. San...
Blue Bottle Coffee Beans
There's nothing like gifting a bag of beans from the roaster known to refuse serving espresso in a paper cup, so as not to compromise the integrity of their bean's distinctive flavor. Born in San Francisco and branched into NYC, Blue Bottle's beans...
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