Iceland's Norður & Co Salt
This past spring at Iceland's annual DesignMarch festival, we stumbled across a box of salt that left a lasting impression. The striking packaging design drew us in to Reykjavik-based start-up Norður Salt, but there's more to the Atlantis-esque artwork...
Salty Wahine Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salts
With its long history of rich cuisine and global mix of cultures, partnered with a natural bounty of produce and seafood, it's no surprise that Hawaii is home to some of the most spectacular cuisine this side of the Pacific. From ancient Hawaiian...
Jacobsen Salt Co. Licorice
To call salty licorice an acquired taste is an understatement. Even in Northern Europe, where salty licorice reigns supreme over the red Twizzlers variety, it's still a polarizing treat. Upon returning from Scandinavia (and developing a taste for...
Hooknook and Squeezers
Known for their their eco-friendly ripstop nylon shopping bags, Eva Bauer and Hetal Jariwala—the industrious duo behind Flip & Tumble—keep themselves busy working on a multitude of projects. Two that caught our eye—the wall-mounted...
Potato Chips in Chocolate
Combining milk chocolate with all-natural, kettle-cooked potato chips, Chuao Chocolatier's latest highbrow-meets-lowbrow Chuao Chocopods
Embracing traditional production methods, Falksalt's large, pure crystals easily crush between fingers for a more hands-on approach to cooking. The Swedish brand, which has been making salt since 1830, uses the same combination of heat and time that...
Le Caramel
Made in California with a French twist, Le Caramel slow cooks their confections using a traditional recipe from the region of Isigny sur Mer. The Normandy town is as well known for its creamy dairy products as it is for its salted butter—the...
The Salt
Cultivated in an island biosphere reserve off the Korean coast, The Salt, a natural solar sea salt, is the upshot of a UNESCO-protected area laden with ample tidal flats. With climate as one of the most important factors in sea salt production, the...
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