Heyday: Facials for All Without the Fuss
The word "facial" contains layers of unnecessary trepidation and intimidation—especially as you never know exactly what to expect behind those closed doors. New Yorkers can finally experience a quality facial without hassle, guilt or generic New...
A Conversation on Color and Psychology with Roxie Darling
A counterpoint to the daytime hustle and bustle of the Wall Street neighborhood is the quiet oasis that is Hairstory, located many floors up in a discreet building. Shoes are taken off before entering the living room area, where sunlight streams in...
Gertrude Salons
Kenneth Schlenker—a French-born tech entrepreneur and ex-Google employee—isn't the most predictable person to disrupt New York's stolid art scene. Several startups have tried to bring the art world online, mostly by creating marketplaces for buyers...
Interview: Stefano Terzuolo of GUM Salon
We first met Stefano Terzuolo after the opening of Milan's GUM Salon three years ago. Since then, GUM has become a point of reference for hairstyling throughout all of Italy thanks to their line of organic grooming products available online. Having...
Word of Mouth: Berlin
A combination art gallery and hair salon, L'atelier Friseur is the brainchild of French hairstylist Julie Monin, who moved to Berlin five years ago from London. Three years ago, noticing a lack of distinct stylists in Berlin, Monin chose to open...
The Grooming Lounge
by Warren Rubin Often a rushed process in a man's morning routine, grooming is rarely given the time and effort needed to pull off a truly polished look. Enter The Grooming Lounge—an upscale barbershop run by grooming guru Michael Gilman and...
Dry Haircare
Whichever hemisphere you're in, seasonal changes makes a good excuse to revive tresses that have suffered recent abuses. Doing a little something extra to up hydration, whether lacking from too much sun or radiator heat, can bounce hair back to its...
Gum Salon
Named for a '50s brand of pomade, Gum is a trio of hairstylists playing off the gravity-defying greaser hairstyles to come up with looks suited for the modern man. The salon, located in Milan's fashionable Ticinese area, mixes the old-school aesthetic...
We've all heard of BC bud (for those who haven't, it's the especially potent marijuana grown in Canada's British Columbia province), but how about BC bangs or a BC bowl cut? At Lightheaded, a new secret salon in Toronto, hairstylist Uli sits customers...