The Best Whiskeys for Winter Holiday Gifting
The word whiskey (or whisky, depending on region of production) means innumerable things to a great many people. This brown spirit category plays catch-all for everything from the smokiest scotches to the oakiest bourbons. There are single malts and...
Old World Straight Rye Whiskey
After releasing three rye whiskies—each finished in either Madeira, Sauternes or Port European oak barrels—WhistlePig's Master Distiller Dave Pickerell did the near impossible: he married all three. With an exceptional balance that complements the...
WhistlePig's Old World Rye
Only a handful of new whiskey expressions each year warrant consideration for a full-time position in a brand portfolio—and on the bar shelves of consumers. WhistlePig, a Vermont-based whiskey company, has achieved this feat with their latest offering...
The Art of American Whiskey
There's no spirit more storied than whiskey in the United States. From bootleggers to booms, and even its temporary (and tragic) decline, the history is rich. Author Noah Rothbaum has tapped into this with his latest book "The Art of American Whiskey...
Behind the Barrel of Wild Turkey Bourbon
Situated on a vast, rolling landscape in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky—amidst the vibrant and ever-growing bourbon trail—Wild Turkey's distillery plays host to deep history and thoughtful modernity. This hub of bourbon and rye production, founded back in...
Caskers' Exclusive Whiskeys for Summer
Since its 2012 launch, Caskers has established itself as one of the premiere online destinations for rare spirits. The team behind the site applies their keen palates to exploration, tastings and selection—and the result is a marketplace of top quality...
Hudson Whiskey's Maple Cask Rye
This is no liqueur, or a syrupy sweet, gooey-thick blend of whiskey and maple products. With a heady nose of rye, a full spiced taste and a maple inflection that's far more than grace notes, Hudson Whiskey's small-batch, handmade Maple Cask Rye...
Hochstadter's Slow & Low
It comes as a surprise to us that any prepackaged cocktail could strike the authenticity of its namesake. But Hochstadter's Slow & Low—a ready-made rye Old Fashioned—does just that. While not the best Old Fashioned we've ever tasted, Hochstadter...
Angel's Envy Rye Whiskey
When it comes to whiskey, experimentation should be done with caution. There's a reason the rules are in place, but great things can come from coloring outside the lines. Distiller Lincoln Henderson of Louisville Distilling Company has a masterful...