EXIMO Sipping Rum
The world is in no short supply of superb rums from many locations. And yet, Facundo EXIMO imparts a very distinct experience. Both medium and full-bodied rums, more than 10 years back, were united and then aged together in oak. This allows for a...
Cocktail Courier Hits Chicago
When you're looking to order beer, wine and spirits directly to your home, both Drizly and Minibar Delivery App can get alcohol to you rather quickly. But if you're planning on making a mixed drink, Cocktail Courier comes complete with a recipe and...
Eight Sexy Valentine's Day Cocktails
While making no promises about love potions or secret tonics, what we can guarantee is the quality of taste in the following eight drinks. Made with care and concern, they exemplify many ideals surrounding the holiday of love: spice, smoke and flavor...
History in a Bottle: The Hub Punch
When it comes to seeking novel libations, sometimes the best place to look is the past. Those who came before us truly knew how to party, and what they lacked in (current day) hygiene standards, they more than made up for with inventive—and piquant...
Penny Blue XO Mauritian Rum
Nearly 1,000 kilometers off the coast of Madagascar lies the island nation of Mauritius. Known mostly for its beaches and lush mountains, Mauritius is also home to a long tradition of rum-making, utilizing the island's rich sugarcane crops. The Medine...
Four Navy Strength Rums
Back in 1655, British Naval liquor rationing made the switch from French brandy to Caribbean rum. By the 1740s, Admiral Edward Vernon of the British Navy put into practice diluting this rum acquired from Jamaica and Barbados to the proportion of half...
Massachusetts-Made Privateer Rum
The Caribbean is undoubtedly best known for rum-making, but the spirit has long-standing roots in New England as well. In fact, the founder of Privateer Rum, which produces smooth, small-batch rum in two equally impressive versions, is an ancestor...
New Orleans' Rum-Centric Bar, Cane & Table
by Kate Beard Since opening last July, Cane & Table in New Orleans' French Quarter has garnered a lot of attention, cementing its place on the list of the city's best bars. And with its pedigree, it's no wonder. The brainchild of Nick Detrich...
The Lucy June Cocktail
Rum doesn't tend to be first on most people's lists when approaching the cocktail scene. Its history lends itself to associations with summer parties and wild nights. In fact, high-end rum has only found a home behind bars over the past few years...
Family Reserve Old Rum
While Gosling's Old Rum will make a perfect Dark 'n' Stormy, this outstanding Bermudan rum—aged in once-used, bourbon oak barrels—is also just as delicious to sip neat. Gosling's gives a nod to its superlative taste by housing the rum in a champagne...
The Salty Bird Cocktail
We recently joined Theo Lieberman of NYC's Milk & Honey to try out his latest creation; a fruity and bitter cocktail ideal for tropical living. Crafted in tandem with Lauren Schell of Little Branch, the drink is a variation of the Jungle Bird—specifically...
Angel's Envy Rye Whiskey
When it comes to whiskey, experimentation should be done with caution. There's a reason the rules are in place, but great things can come from coloring outside the lines. Distiller Lincoln Henderson of Louisville Distilling Company has a masterful...
GreenBar Collective
Cocktail enthusiasts gave a collective cheer when word got out that GreenBar Collective—the LA-based brand known for its collection of top-notch organic licquors and sustainably-crafted spirits—was moving into bigger digs. With more space...
Brugal 1888
If how quickly our bottle of Brugal's 1888 Ron Gran Reserva Familiar went is any indication, you'll keep this tipple within easy access at the front of the liquor cabinet. The perfectly-balanced 1888, one of the smoothest rums we've tasted, is the...
DonQ Master of All Skills
Advertorial content: It's one thing to master making a cocktail, and yet another to actually craft a spirit. Here at CH, we've experienced first-hand the skill and art that goes into creating a variety of our favorite drinks. The balance between...