Brut Rosé Champagne
Long known as the Champagne that Parisians actually drink, Ruinart's most famous iteration may be the Blanc de Blancs but their Brut Rosé is just as refined. Drawn from Pinot Noir grapes, this bubbling delight contains hearty red berry flavors. For...
CH Omakase 2016: June Taylor Syrups
When we first began writing about June Taylor back in 2005, we were almost hesitant to reveal something we loved so much. Taylor, who describes herself as a "seed-to-stem" creator, selects (and sometimes even picks) each piece of organic seasonal...
Wölffer Estate's Finca Wölffer Rosé 2016
As we've noted before, walking into a wine shop in pursuit of a delectable bottle of rosé can be troublesome. Most consumers haven't declared allegiance to regions or flavor profiles in the way we have with... let's say a Pinot Noir from Bourgogne...
Sparkling Rosé
Composed predominantly of Prosecco grapes from northeastern Italy, Ruffino's new Sparkling Rosé carries a bright but elegant berry flavor. This extra-dry sparkling wine bears a crisp acidity and steers clear of overt sweetness—though it delights all...
The Hamptons and Beyond with Wölffer Estate Vineyard
The 175-acre Wölffer Estate in Sagaponack, Long Island is a destination of uncommon beauty—even among its idyllic Hamptons setting. It was there, in 2013, that siblings Joey and Marc Wölffer took the reigns of their family vineyard. In 1992, their...
Half Bottle Rosé
For a classic French rosé from Provence, find consistent quality from one of the more well-known producers, Domaines Ott, thanks to their gentle approach to nurturing their soil and vines. The distinct, elegant shape of the bottle—and the pale, almost...
Eight Superb Rosé Wines for Spring
With the announcement of Quin Candy's Rosé Gumdrops it dawned on us that we are once again returning to the season of celebratory pink wines. While the reputation of rosé was all but destroyed during the White Zinfandel heyday, it's been on the rise...
Mirabeau en Provence's Vibrant Rosé
Rosé consumption has reached a fever pitch—and rightfully so, as there's a beautiful ease to its modern elegance and a gentleness in the way it complements many meals. But with the surge in demand, there's now a market flooded with options, and selecting...
Lillet Rosé
There's definitely a romantic spirit to wine. A delicate dance for the taste buds, Lillet's Rosé keeps it light and sweet, but with fuller Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Semillion grape flavor. Rosé has established itself as a glamorous alternative...
Moët & Chandon's 2004 Grand Vintage Rosé
With summer underway, kicking back with a chilled glass of rosé is a great way to beat the heat. As much as we enjoy imbibing sparkling wines of the Champagne region, we're equally interested in the scientific and gastronomic process behind their...
Rose Geranium Bath Soak
Revitalize your favorite lady with a bottle of Royal Botanicals' Rose Geranium Bath Soak. This invigorating blend includes Dead Sea salts, Epsom salts and organic essential oils of the "flower of constancy," housed in a Victorian Era-inspired amber...
Interview: Richard Geoffroy
One of my favorite people to sit down and have a glass of champagne with is Dom Pérignon's head wine maker, the doctor turned Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy. He's a magician, a poet and a man deeply passionate about the quirks of the land and...