2014 OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival in Rome
At the recent private preview of the OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival in Rome, we were approached by two men in their 60s while we stood outside of the massive gates of an abandoned house in San Lorenzo. While uninvited, they were welcomed by curator Francesco...
The Bulgari Octo: Terme di Caracalla
Continuing our ongoing series with Bulgari, in celebration of the designs that inspired their Octo watch line, we've delved into the past, present and future of Rome's Terme di Caracalla. This great structure, built around 212 AD, was reborn as a...
Interview: Sophie Morichi of Archivio Picone
by Heather Stewart Feldman When artist, ceramist and fabric and fashion designer Giuseppe Picone passed away in 2008, he left behind a precious gift to Italian craft history. Picone's invaluable artistic legacy and many contributions were key in...