Robot Swarm at MoMath
They might be kept under the glass floor of a boxing ring-like installation, but that doesn't mean the robots within NYC's National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath)'s new exhibition aren't friendly. In fact, they seek out interactions with each other...
Anki Drive
Video games, by nature, have always existed in the virtual world. While no less real or engaging to players, gaming has largely been contained to screens—at least until now. Anki Drive fuses robotics, artificial intelligence and video game styling...
Fashion X Technology: Ying Gao
Montreal-based fashion designer Ying Gao merges a poetry in craftsmanship with technological curiosity. After attending university at the Haute École d'arts Appliqués in Geneva, Switzerland and pursuing a Master's Degree in Multimedia at L'Universit...
We've all heard of Roomba, the frisbee-sized vacuum robot. Until recently we thought this slightly egregious piece of technology was the end-all-be-all of home cleaning innovation. Then we met Winbot. Made by Ecovacs Robotics—a company boasting...
Olympic Photography
Capturing the sport of this year's Olympics is a corps of skilled photographers. Though the iPhone has proven an impressive tool for following the action, these lensmen and women transcend the everyday spectator's capabilities with some unconventional...