A World First in Safety: AstaZero
Sweden is home to a rich design history where the principle that form follows function is felt in everything from fashion to public transportation. A key focus of the Swedish auto industry—spearheaded by Volvo—and indeed the country as a whole, is...
Interview: Tricia MacKenzie of Inter Space Lab
Our contemporary creative world is peppered with scientific and technological influences—exhibitions that feature stylized data mapping, molecular gastronomy, Maker Faire's everlasting dedication to the nerdy artist—it's truly a tradition that traces...
Cool Hunting Video: NYU Fluid Dynamics Lab
The concept of flight has always held humankind's imagination captive—yet making that concept a reality continues to baffle even the most ingenious innovators. We recently got a few insights and a lesson in aerodynamics from NYU Professor of Mathematics...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Genspace
In our latest video we explore Genspace, a community biotech lab based in Brooklyn. When most people imagine a research laboratory they usually don't envision it living in an unassuming building on a major urban thoroughfare, but Genspace—one...
Patagonia R1
Having mastered innovative wool-lined wetsuits designed for near-Arctic conditions, Patagonia unleashed their research and development team and returned to their Southern California roots with the recent release of the R1 warm water wetsuit. By taking...
Type Matters!
The art of typography has historically been a form led by specially trained professionals, well-versed in the workings of setting and design. With the technological revolution the population at large holds the reins to the world of type, often muddling...
Free Universal Construction Kit
There exist few limits to a child's potential for creativity, and the blocks that accumulate on the playroom floor may seem equally boundless as kids are left to explore. Breaking down the boundaries between various branded construction sets like...
Living in the Endless City
Among all the chatter about the future of urban development, "Living in the Endless City" stands out as a refreshing voice with its collection of clear-eyed info designed to help grapple with the some of the big questions facing today's cities...
A Taxonomy of Office Chairs
Of all the far-reaching implications of the information age, technical innovations in office chair design define an era that could be named the desk-bound age. Here to put the contemporary mesh panels and lumbar supports in context, "A Taxonomy...