Purgatorio n°2, Napoli
By Ross Belfer Whether misunderstood or embraced by visitors, Napoli (Italy’s third largest city) is a location immune to the rest of the world's fads. It's full of surprises—a giant, enigmatic metropolis overshadowed by the towering Mount Vesuvius...
Global Day of Discovery at Renaissance Denver Downtown Hotel
Advertorial content: Not long after New York City’s DJ Cassidy descended on Denver Thursday evening, flocks of young business travelers started to dance. Instead of being just another humdrum weekday on the road, Renaissance Hotels’ bash in...
Cool Hunting Video: Barry X Ball
In an unassuming residential building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, lies the studio space of sculptor Barry X Ball. His stunning re-imagined and modified versions of Renaissance era masterpieces begin with meticulous 3D-scanning. Ball and his team...
Cy Twombly & The School of Fontainebleau
It's hard to imagine that Cy Twombly, with his canvases composed of angry scratch marks and messy swathes of paint, would have been influenced by 16th-century French painting. But the Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin's leading modern art museum, proposes...