EVERYBODY.WORLD Takes on "Less is More" Style
LA-based EVERYBODY.WORLD is doing something not many fashion brands are willing or able to do: simplifying and reducing their wares to the basics. That by no means results in lower quality goods or basic garb nobody wants to wear—rather it's the makings...
Cooking with Caviar, Simply
by Emily Arden Wells For many home cooks, simple recipes (preferably those that can be completed in under 20 minutes) with 10 or fewer ingredients can be the smartest and easiest approach. This involves seeking out flavor-packed ingredients that...
Less-is-More Beauty Products
While many equate luxury with opulence, this isn't oftentimes the case. The beauty industry has long been one of excess—not only in terms of the number of products available, but also regarding the ingredients. Recently though, instead of products...
Studio Visit: Brendan Ravenhill
LA-based designer Brendan Ravenhill is known for creating sparsely designed, stripped-down yet stunning objects. From chandeliers with multiple thin arms to understated layered chairs to the now-iconic nail-and-wood bottle opener, Ravenhill’s style...
What is Reductionism?
“Reductionism is about taking away excess in design,” says Gerry McGovern, Land Rover’s Chief Design Officer, and the Range Rover Velar, the brand’s newest vehicle, delivers on that maxim. From its debut at the London Design Museum to our first...
The New Range Rover Velar is Already in a Design Museum
Today Land Rover unveiled their all new vehicle, the Range Rover Velar, at the London Design Museum. While that sounds straightforward enough, it’s especially noteworthy that we’re talking about the global unveil of a new mid-sized luxury SUV—at a...