Recycled materials

MiiR Vacuum Insulated Howler
Forget lugging cans of your favorite craft beer on your next adventure. The 32 oz Howler from Seattle-based MiiR not only keeps your precious suds fresh and cold for up to 24 hours, it can also keep liquids hot for up to 12 hours. Now the two unofficial...
Christopher Raeburn Packaway Backpack
With his ultra-slick style and ethical use of surplus military fabrics, British designer Christopher Raeburn has earned quite the cult following, ourselves included. Thanks to his penchant for experimenting with materials, the colder seasons are...
Pothra by Nooka
While recycling has become second nature to many people, it's easy to forget that we still throw away tons of useful materials every single day. Designer Matthew Waldman of Nooka took a short break from creating cutting-edge timepieces to do his...
Proof Eyewear
As part of a movement in eyewear design to use sustainable materials, or at the very least adopt a certain rustic aesthetic, we have come across several creative ways to incorporate wood into glasses and sunglasses. While Shwood is the most recognizable...
Virtual Reality
Arranged horizontally or in a dizzying cubistic patchwork, Haroshi's laminated skateboard sculptures have rightfully earned the self-taught artist plenty of hype across both the art and skate communities. His latest exhibition, "Virtual Reality...
Animal Farm
Making the rounds on the web this week, a charming set of light fixtures inject sleek design—and fun—into the realm of bottle lamps, which can run the risk of looking like DIY kitsch. Animal Farm, a series of abstract pig, giraffe, penguin...
Reach Ruin
Working with crushed glass, recycled ceramics, molded sand and the resin for which he is most known, multidisciplinary artist Daniel Arsham expanded upon his preferred material to create "Reach Ruin," a beautifully resonating solo exhibition currently...
RX Made
Over the past three years Rebuilding Exchange (RX) has served designers, architects and builders in Chicago as a retail outlet for reclaimed building materials. Since the non-profit's inception the warehouse has developed a strong reputation for...
Yours to Care For
Liane Rossler and Sarah Kings's latest project, "Yours to Care For," transforms approximately 1,000 recycled straws into charmingly simple, single-stem vases. The crafty concept is one of several sustainably-minded ideas they have brought to fruition...