Rainbow Papers
Add even more whimsy to the festive nature of sharing a spliff with Sweetflag's swirling rainbow rolling papers. The vintage Spanish pattern is printed on 1.25-inch wide papers and designed to elevate everyday rituals.
Rainbow Embroidered Denim Jacket
This navy denim jacket, designed by artist Zakee Shariff, is beautifully embroidered with hands that touch and emit a healing rainbow; a visual declaration for coming together. The front sports equally colorful changing moon phases along the buttonholes...
Chuck Taylor All Star Pride Sneakers
Love, respect and equality will never not be in fashion. Likewise, Converse's Chuck Taylor sneakers have been a stalwart of style since 1917. Gladly joining the LGBTQ movement, the sneaker brand has created a 2016 Pride collection and our pick is the...
The Thing Quarterly + Michelle Blade's Aura Scarf
Pushing artists to explore other mediums, conceptual object-based periodical The Thing Quarterly also hosts projects outside of their art-object subscription service (which "publishes" four times a season). They recently worked with visual artist...
Big Bud Press Pins
Digital artist Lacey Micallef's lo-fi, rainbow-colored GIFs depict everything from animated pizza slices to Walter White (and sometimes both) and have garnered a cult following on Tumblr. She's now bringing her fun aesthetic to the physical world...
Instant Rainbow
Welsh designer Yumalum just released a second print in his Polaroid poster series. The "Instant Rainbow" graphic beautifully interprets the classic instant camera spitting out a crisp ROYGBIV snapshot. Measuring 50 x 70 centimeters, each poster...