Oh So Pretty: Punk in Print 1976-1980
With a punk memorabilia collection that stretched 40 years, Toby Mott was the right person to dive in and pick out items from bands, designers and political groups for the new book "Oh So Pretty: Punk in Print 1976–80." Mott shows how punk was much...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Unsung Heroines of Sports History Molly Schoit’s book based on the Instagram @TheUnsungHeroines handle, "Game Changers: The Unsung Heroines of Sports History" celebrates the forgotten, lesser known female athletes who paved the way for today...
Sounds of Two Eyes Opening
Acting as a veritable time capsule into Southern California beach and punk culture from the late '60s to the early '80s, "Sounds of Two Eyes Opening" offers readers an unfiltered glimpse into a vastly influential time and place. Shot by music producer...
Black Diamond Dagger Earrings
From Deborah Pagani's Queen Bee collection, these white gold dagger earrings give fine jewelry a punk edge. Set with pavé black diamonds, they channel the sultry spirit of iconic females like Grace Jones, Cleopatra and Rita Hayworth.
As a former member of the iconic punk band Black Flag, and as an artist, Raymond Pettibon has never been afraid to venture into the darker episodes of our country's history. Touching on themes of literature, government, sexuality and sports, often...
The Thing Quarterly: Issue 18
For the 18th installment of The Thing Quarterly, the object-based periodical relied on Mike Mills to create a 2013 pocket calendar. Mills, a filmmaker and visual artist, has presented work at Sundance Film Festival and as part of MoMA's New Directors...
Punk: An Aesthetic
Born in dungy London basements and matured in equally grimy streets, the punk counter culture of the mid 1970's and 80's defined an unrelenting angst felt by youth the world around. While many books have surfaced over the years to document its documenters...
Heather Benjamin for Bliss Lau
Balance is the term that first comes to mind when describing Bliss Lau's approach to jewelry design. A soft-spoken Hawaiian with a New York sensibility, she embodies a certain duality that comes across in her work. The statement-making body accessories...
Mick Rock is probably not the first name that pops to mind if you're thinking about seeking some career advice. Dubbed the world over as "the man who shot the Seventies," Rock is known as much for his own rock star reputation—he claims his...
In All Our Decadence People Die
Though London's famed punk venue The Roxy is now a decidedly sober Speedo Swimwear outlet, in the late '70s and early '80s, the U.K. was in the midst of a royal cultural battle between the Thatcherite establishment and a new breed of shock-and...
A standout in Beijing's underground rock scene (learn more about it from our story on five other bands) returns to the U.S. this month for a few shows in NYC before swinging through the South. Hedgehog, formed in 2005, is one of the most notorious...
Punk Jews
Brooklyn-based filmmaker Jesse Zook Mann's latest documentary project delves into the radical Judaism scene in New York. Originally announced on the crowd-sourced funding site Kickstarter, Punk Jews just reached their goal of raising $10,000 to make...
Who Shot Rock 'n' Roll: A Photographic History, 1955–Present
Long a critical part in spreading the look, attitude and emotion of a burgeoning culture to the masses, the new book "Who Shot Rock 'n' Roll" helps define rock photography as a genre of it’s own. Historian and...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Ponytail
Baltimore artrock heroes Ponytail have been blowing up basements from MICA to Pratt for a while now. We included them on our Memorial Day Muxtape (R.I.P.) back in May, but we wanted more. In this video, we spend a sweaty summer weekend with Ponytail...
Punk House: Interiors in Anarchy
Visiting some 42 houses in 25 states, 29-year-old Vermont photographer Abby Banks partnered with Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore on a hardcover collection that gives an inside glimpse into the collectivist lifestyle of the punk counterculture...
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Goth just got more glam with this unique shade created by Pat Benatar for manicurist to the stars Deborah Lippmann's line of polishes. Subtle iridescence updates classic punk black, an innovation that seamlessly combines Victorian flair with sexed...
Like its name, Scubapunk juxtaposes otherwise unconsidered concepts. The designs (click above to zoom in for a closer look) are a clean and simple interpretations of underwater life. Their site, on the other hand, brings in the more punk side of their...
Silver rubber love
The world has abruptly come to an end. While sifting through wreckage, visiting aliens uncover charred remnants of silver jewellery. Such is the world of Singaporean designer Shing's Argentum, a post-apocalyptic rebirth from ashes and radioactive...
Vivienne Westwood's Union Jack Rug
Fans of Vivienne Westwood's fashions can now bring her punk sensibilities home with a series of new carpet designs for The Rug Company. Westwood's tattered Union Jack is unconventional patriotism at it's best, sprung from a partnership...
Punk vs. Disco
Toronto based Magic Pony is selling this hot morph by Garland Lyn. Punk vs. Disco reminds us to rejoice that the lines between tribes are getting pretty blurry. via Preshrunk
Towers of London -- Lord Help Us All
take the stage. Just when rock was getting good again, we’re sideswiped with something out of left field that makes you take a step back and scratch your head. But when you listen to the music, it’s not all bad. With their straight-forward...
Perhaps visualized from their spaghetti-western/punk rock dreams while sleeping on the beach in the middle of November, RIV's So. Cal flavored designs are rad. In addition to the T-shirts they have hoodies, button downs and even denim. You'...
Friends since high school, Protoculture founders Julie Baerwald, Justin Fellers and Matt Giles tried to be punk rockers and failed. They then attempted to make new age music and failed again. So they decided to make t-shirts instead of music. Success...
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