Pulse Art Fair

Previewing PULSE Miami Beach's PROJECT Artists
Invitations for December's Miami Art Week 2017 have already begun, and with such correspondence underway, our anticipation has already started to brew. For the thirteenth edition of the PULSE Art Fair Miami, an annual favorite, there's a new director...
Miami Art Week 2016: Masked + Distorted Faces
The human form has manifested in art since creativity's earliest days. Further, many of the most iconic works across time convey figures and faces—be it within sculptural realism or avant-garde poeticism. As expected, all of the fairs we attended during...
Miami Art Week 2016: Chaotic Landscapes
Landscape imagery has long factored into the world of art and captivated viewers either by way of accuracy or interpretation. While searching the halls of the numerous art fairs that compose Miami Art Week, an abundance of impactful, chaotic landscapes...
Miami Art Week 2015: Food-Inspired Works
If anything can be said to illicit a real gut reaction: it's food. We all know the reactions our brain and body indulge in, when in the presence of food and drinks—whether desirable and not. These are visceral, animalistic responses—much like that...
Miami Art Week 2015: Subverting Nature
Nature stands as the earliest form of inspiration and natural components found within became the tools of early artistic creation. In the ages since and amidst developments and extinctions, loss and discovery, artists continue to be inspired by the...
Pulse Miami Beach 2015: Amir Baradaran's Augmented Reality Experience
We're a few weeks out from Miami Art Week and conversations over the multiple, concurrent art fairs and unprecedented displays of art included have already commenced. With virtual reality and augmented reality ever-emerging areas in the art world...
Helen Toomer Takes Over Pulse Art Fair
Few events each year successfully gather and contextualize movements within the arts world. In its ninth edition, NYC's iteration of the Pulse Contemporary Art Fair manages to do exactly that. Fifty international exhibitors showcase the work of hundreds...
Pulse New York 2013
In the lead-up to NYCxDesign, this weekend marks the opening of Frieze, NADA and Pulse art fairs in New York City. For art world regulars, it's one of the few chances to see thousands of examples of contemporary art in a single go. For others, it...