The New Heroes & Pioneers
Art books should have a certain allure, one that makes you want to open its cover and discover the story within. Many of the major book publishers, however, have found themselves in a rut. The same big name artists—both deceased and living—make regular...
Open Book: Taj Forer of Daylight Books
Like so many businesses today, the publishing industry is facing new challenges due to rapidly changing technologies. With the New York Art Book Fair taking place on 20-22 September, we chatted with three art book publishers about how they do what...
theNewerYork Anthology
For those who have nothing left to pick over at the local bookstore's summer display, theNewerYork looks to shake things up in the mainstream literary world by hosting alternatives to the "triumvirate" of poetry, short stories and novels. With the...
TED Books App
In a recent sit-down with TED Curator Chris Anderson, I had the chance to try out the TED Books app, a dedicated platform to hold the company's publishing endeavor. Focused on short books, TED Books hopes to continue TED's method of viral ideation...
User Design Books
Boutique graphic design outfit User Design recently released a series of self-published works united by British wit and a simple, hand-drawn aesthetic. The titles include "The Journey of the Larks", "Punctuation...?" and "Life", and show an emerging...
Chip Kidd
One of our favorite talks from TED this year, Chip Kidd delivers a great message in a most relaxed and humorous way. The talk, just posted online, reminds us about the importance of print in the digital age: "Much is to be gained by e-books: ease...
Ampersand Gallery
Even on a street bustling with galleries and boutiques, Ampersand Gallery stands out. Owner Myles Haselhorst opened the intimate space in Portland, OR in 2008 to create, he says, something that "feels less like a retail store and more like the interior...
This Means This, This Means That
Those who have tried to plough through the works of Ferdinand de Saussure or Jacques Derrida are likely to flee from anything with "semiotics" in the title—and with good reason. Without a significant amount of time and dedication, the field...
Thornwillow Press at the St. Regis
In 1985, Luke Ives Pontifall was your average high school overachiever—the kind of guy whose regular classes weren't enough to keep him busy, so he sought more stimulating after-school activities. Born out of tedium Thornwillow Press is a...