Public Space

Venice Architecture Biennale 2016: Reporting from the Front
Over 100 tons of perfectly ordered rubble is what greets visitors to the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale. It's not a provocation, but rather a statement, in perfect harmony with this year's theme: "Reporting from...
Jardin du Luxembourg
Seasonal flowers, sprawling fields and a lavish 17th century palace are just some of the elements that make Luxembourg Garden so appealing. A lush reprieve in the midst of the 6th arrondissement, the park stretches for 23 hectares, offering tree-lined...
Artists boijeot.renauld Camp Out on Broadway for a Month
By Natasha Tauber Artists Laurent Boijeot and Sebastien Renauld, together boijeot.renauld, work in "actions," and their latest is a one month migration through the length of Manhattan, via Broadway. Having started in Harlem and unhurriedly making...
Master & Dynamic's MH40 Headphones
As offices grow evermore headphone-friendly and creative co-working spaces surge in popularity, the market has opened up even further for reliable, attractive headphone options that get real loud—but keep all that sound contained in the ear-pad...
Leonardo Magnani: The Voyage 2014
In his four years traveling the globe, Charles Darwin filled notebook upon notebook of observations and experiences—enough source material for the scientist to pen "On the Origin of Species." Now, Florentine artist Leonardo Magnani hopes to retrace...
Charged: Lowline and the Remote Skylight
As the most talked about urban planning project in NYC of recent times—alongside the Plus Pool, perhaps—the Lowline continues to capture the attention of the creative community and beyond through its development from concept to construction. In the...
Art Shanty Projects
Minnesota may be known for ice fishing, but the huts many a grandfather once huddled in have nothing on those created for the Art Shanty Projects, an artist-driven community temporarily located on White Bear Lake, MN. Centered on the idea of repurposing...