Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Apple's Autonomous Car Prepares for Testing Many have speculated that Apple has been working on its own autonomous car, dubbed Project Titan, and new information gathered by The Guardian shows that it may hit production sooner than expected...
The Psychology of Color Pencil Set
Insisting that not only children should relish the joy that is a box of sharp color pencils, The School of Life has released a lovely set—albeit a somewhat grown-up version. The 12-piece The Psychology of Color pencil set spans the regular hues...
Laurel Braitman Reads Pets' Minds
Senior TED fellow and science historian Laurel Braitman delivered one of the most engaging talks at TED's 2014 conference. Her topic? Animal psychology and the emotional spectrum of pets. Braitman has studied the history of science for years—most...
Interview: Corinne Maier
Corinne Maier—a French psychoanalyst with a background in economics and international relations from the prestigious Sciences-Po in Paris—also happens to be a best-selling author. Out of the 15 or so already under her belt, her two most...
"Design Feeling" and Neo-Transitional Objects
by Stefano Caggiano Everyday objects shape our lives into cognitive patterns. Often, however, these objects are ill-designed. Design thinking is then called in to untangle the not-always-coherent running of our object-related routines. However important...