Print Journalism

Kill Screen Magazine Gets a Redesign
Five years ago, Kill Screen became a printed reality thanks to a Kickstarter campaign. Nine issues were produced on just $6,000—speaking to not only their frugal ways but their strong, driving vision of creating a platform for thoughtfully discussing...
Krass Journal
It takes sass and guts to stand out among the plethora of newly founded independent print publications crowding the scene these days. Catching us by its name and hooking us in with its content, the Adelaide, Australia-based KRASS Journal describes...
Four&Sons Magazine
Following the overwhelming success of a one-off promotional print journal, Australia's Four&Sons—a design and culture publication with man's best friend its defining theme—has just announced a biannual print journal that will be distributed internationally...
Free World Reader
Political, historical and academic texts rarely offer captivating graphic design and artwork to accompany—and do justice to—the information they hold. The newly minted quarterly Free World Reader presents a holistic view of the war in the Democratic...
Riposte Magazine
A women's magazine void of celebrities, fashion or housekeeping tips is harder to find than a taxi in downtown New York City on a pouring Saturday night. Aiming to change the status quo is the new biannual Riposte Magazine, which launched last...