London's Inventive Catering Outfit: TART
At the recent opening of multi-media artist Quentin Jones and spatial designer Robert Storey’s exhibition "The Fractured and the Feline," Jones’ beautiful collages of cats and girls and Storey’s exciting mirrored rooms were complemented by food from...
Discover New Designers at Tictail's Holiday Pop-Up
For most well-meaning shoppers, finding the right gift is a challenge—let alone chancing upon something that's truly unique. Sourcing products from independent designers and brands around the world, Stockholm-based web commerce platform Tictail opened...
You Call That Art?! Pop-up Book
Pop-up book artists David A. Carter and James Diaz have teamed up once again to offer another interactive hands-on approach to learning. This time the duo turned their attention to sculpture. Appropriating the phrase often floating in the air of...
Bibliothèque’s Bibliothèque and Reset Pop-Up
Three years ago, we spoke to London design consultancy Bibliothèque about the rare editions and special collections in its bookshelves. This year, Bibliothèque is sharing its favorite books with everyone, as it opens an interactive installation...
Illustrator Donald Robertson on Great Jones Street
In recent years illustrator Donald Robertson has made a name for himself with technicolor drawings of toothy lipstick smiles, cartoonish animals and fashion industry icons like Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld (as well as his coworkers at Bobbi...
London's Tincan Restaurant
by Adam Coghlan One of the more intriguing culinary experiments we've seen in some time comes from an unlikely source: award-winning architecture and design practice AL_A. With Tincan—a new six-month-long temporary restaurant and shop in London...
Wrong For Hay's Design and Dine
"Food is a major part of my life," British designer Sebastian Wrong tells us while sitting in the back garden of the new Hay and Wrong for Hay showroom in London's historic St James's neighborhood. Like many urban dwellers, Wrong is also fascinated...