Point And Shoot

dp-2 Quattro Digital Point & Shoot Camera
SIGMA continues to revolutionize photography with the dp2 Quattro camera, which offers a perspective close to human vision. The camera incorporates a newly developed Foveon X3 image sensor that processes photos in three pixel layers, resulting in 3D...
Summer Snapping with the Olympus TG-3
The versatile new pocket-sized Olympus TG-3 makes it very easy to take great photos on fly—whether on land or in the water. We tested the soon-to-be-released camera in and around New Orleans and found that a slew of standout features define the model...
Fujifilm X20
Classically styled with high performance insides, the Fujifilm X20 is the latest camera in the enthusiast compact sector to land at CH HQ. And one of our favorites so far. Ideal as a second camera for those that're used to handling a DSLR, the compact...
Ricoh GR
Few cameras command the sort of cult attention that follows the Ricoh GR. With four digital versions to date, the fifth—announced today and simply named the GR—looks only to enshrine this status. The advanced compact category is full of point-and...
New Small Cameras
Presented last week at Photokina, the following five cameras represent changing ideas about what the pocket cam should be. Sandwiched between cell phones and high end DSLRs, the once ubiquitous point-and-shoot is evolving to incorporate features that...
The latest addition to the ever advancing world of photography sees three new cameras announced from Nikon today. Joining the COOLPIX line is the more advanced P7700, the tiny, credit card-sized S01 and the Android-powered S800c. Set to release...
Olympus OM-D E-M5
With the newest addition to their digital family Olympus takes a grand leap into the field of high-end retro-influenced point and shoot cameras. Based on the quintessential design of the original OM film cameras, the OM-D series marks a new stage...