Photographer Alan Gastelum remembers feeling a sense of frustration with the consuming power of social media. Instead of shying away from it, he began to search for a way to create further meaning from the interaction. He wanted to showcase his...
Photographer Andy Summers' "The Bones of Chuang Tzu"
China keeps calling to Andy Summers, and when he travels there he has his trusty Leica M Monochrome at the ready to capture his outsider views of a culture he finds deep and sophisticated. “It's just like music. My own poetic vision of China...
I-1 Analog Instant Camera
Since the Polaroid factory closed back in 2008—much to the dismay of fans all over the world—the The Impossible Project has endeavored to keep the magic of instant cameras alive—from refurbishing cameras to salvaging Polaroid film. Now, the company...
Jonah Samson's Dream Distortion
In addition to being a CH contributor, Cape Breton Island, Canada-based Jonah Samson has long collected jarring imagery, redefined its usage and sought out unique photographic processes that match his inspiration. With his latest solo exhibition...
The Good Life
Revered British product designer Jasper Morrison has an extraordinary ability to turn the common household object into a thing of simple beauty. His book of personal photographs is a peek into how this magic occurs; he certainly doesn't see the world...
Tod Seelie's Prohibition-Inspired Photography
For a series of 10 magnificent, lush structural images, Brooklyn photographer Tod Seelie partnered with the new Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition to invoke the spirit of the era. To honor their historic past—rooted as a bootleggers spirit, smuggled...
Dead Man's Hand
In the midst of two recent gallery shows, photographer and CH contributor Jonah Samson put out a new book titled "Dead Man's Hand." This self-published offering, with a run of only 200 signed and numbered copies (10 of which are special editions...
The Joint Project, Nashville
Nashville may be famously known as Music City, but a new event is helping to raise the presence of visual arts in the city. Joint Project is the brainchild of independent curator Susan Sherrick and social media consultant Libby Callaway. The project...
Interview: Photographer Stephen Iles
by Carol Huston "Photography is an experiment, but it's the results that count." Art rhetoric is no stranger to Stephen Iles, who divides his time between London and Manchester. A music promoter during Manchester's media-crazed years, Iles (who...
Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner
Lomography always does a fantastic job breathing life back into the ever fading art of film photography. With the convenience and quality of digital cameras, analog film continues its decline but Lomography pushes hard to keep it alive by creating...
These days, everyone seems to have a DSLR and a point-and-shoot, or at least a camera embedded in the smartphone in their pocket. What most of us don't have are a C-type printer, glossy paper and mounting materials—not to mention the skill...
Buried in Dandora
In his exhibit of images from Nairobi entitled "Buried in Dandora", photographer Micah Albert explores the 30-acre wasteland located just 2.5 miles from the central business district. About one million people live by the vast Dandora dump site that...
Body Language
The Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris has gathered a selection of photos focused on the concept of the body from the Fotomuseum Winterthur's collection, as part of the city's "Mois de la photo" (Month of Photography) event. Throughout its history...
This Is Not an App
Turn your iPhone or iPad into a journal, a dream catcher, a sketchpad or even a thought recorder with This Is Not an App. Designed as an interactive adaptation of Keri Smith's thought-provoking "This Is Not a Book," the imagination-driving mobile...
I'm Not Like You
The brainchild of Sicilian writer and musician Vittorio Bongiorno and accessories designer Marisa Bernardoni from Bologna, I'm Not Like You is a collection of limited edition T-shirts made by hand in Italy and emblazoned with an image taken and shared...
Lytro Perspective Shift
With the introduction of their truly unique light field camera, Lytro made a big splash last year. Founder Ren Ng recently released a Lytro update that allows users manual control of their high-tech and compact cameras, and now the company is taking...
Photos to Art
In an expansion of's online service, Photos to Art, the eminent supplier of household decor is bringing personalized prints to social media. Photos to Art is now available as an iOS app capable of pulling images from phones as well as from...
Nightmares of Halloweens Past
Gary Baseman's work merges his life journey and family history with colorful pop images from his boundless imagination. Exploring the almost overwhelming amount of past and present projects in his studio, it's becomes clear that Baseman truly loves...
Stolen Moments
Best known for capturing snippets of NYC nightlife and portraits of art-world celebrities, New York photographer Ruvan Wijesooriya also served as the official photographer for music label DFA. While shooting for them Wijesooriya worked closely with...
Bunny Yeager's Darkroom
In a time of rampant racism and sexism, before the word feminism had entered the American lexicon, there was a culture of taboo surrounding scantily clad pin-up girls that was dominated by men with cameras. In a scenario where women were always...
CH Instagram
We've been fans of Instagram since its launch and are happy to share quick finds and sneak peeks with our followers. Browsing images from your mobile phone is great, but when sitting in front of the computer we think it's nice to look at photos on...
The Burning House
"If your house was burning, what would you take with you?" That's the question that Foster Huntington poses in his blog, The Burning House. Readers respond to Huntington's question with a single image and the corresponding list of the items they...