Photo Sharing

Lyve and the Future of Photo Management
In 2013, the people around the world took more photographs than ever before. Thanks to entities like GoPro, smartphones and even drones, this trend is only on the upswing as more and more people gain access to these technologies. Once reserved for...
Nikon’s Full-Frame D-SLR: D750
by Tariq Dixon With professional-grade capabilities in a compact, lightweight body, Nikon’s D750 is the brand's latest (and in many ways, its most versatile) full-frame D-SLR. We took the camera to Puerto Rico to test its range of unique features...
SLMMSK Anti-Selfie App
For the selfie-obsessed out there (and even those who aren't yet into the craze), a new alternative is afoot and it's carrying some Orwellian vibes. Glitché's latest iOS app SLMMSK uses face recognition software and the phone's front-facing camera...
GIF-Making PHHHOTO Comes to iPhone
For over a year now we've been loving PHHHOTO's moving image minimalist set up—even using it for our holiday party. Above and beyond most other portable photo booths out there, PHHHOTO employs an incredibly flattering light ring attached to an...
by Chérmelle Edwards It's not news that Instagram is a cultural phenomenon. As a visual platform used to tell stories through images, how users design their feed can be a work of art. Thanks to XTRAPOP—a free iOS app—users can add art to photos...
Pair Voice and Image with SpeakingPhoto
Inhabiting the interspace between still photography and video, SpeakingPhoto offers an alternative way of capturing greater depths with your mobile device. While a photo speaks a thousand words, many of the family photos that have been passed along...