Counter Culture Coffee Holiday Blend
During the cold, dark days of winter, coffee becomes even more necessary than usual. While you can find a passable cup of Joe on nearly every corner in NYC, we at CH HQ prefer to brew our own, taking the opportunity to try the latest beans from our...
Casa Fat Radish, Rio de Janeiro
Any monumental event—from annual art fairs to sports tournaments—is now a major playground for companies to leave their mark on a captive audience. The branded hoopla oftentimes feels awkward, but when lured by free swag and booze, it's rarely questioned...
Awesome Without Borders
Acting as a sort of reverse Kickstarter for do-gooders and action-oriented creatives worldwide, Awesome Without Borders (AWB) is non-profit funding mechanism like none other: there are few barriers to being eligible for the groups grants, whether...
Randy Mamola and Riders for Health
by Katharine Erwin Randy Mamola is undoubtedly one of the greatest racers to never actually win a world championship. A crowd-pleasing racer with a heart of gold, Mamola's best known moment was in 1985 with Moto Grand Prix's most epic save. Mamola...
by Blair Milbourne In December of 2011, designer Junichi Nakane headed to Mali on what some might call a cross-cultural expedition of friendship. Journeying through the country, he noticed the lack of clean water sources in the village of Tireli...
The Vanity Project
Fed up with their positions in finance and real estate, friends Omri Bojko and Jason Sochol embarked on a quest to find something more meaningful to do, and thus created the The Vanity Project (TVP) in 2011. The two Northwestern grads had begun...
Brain Pulse Music
In the wake of last year's devastating tsunami, artist Masaki Batoh sought to address the emotional wreckage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The multi-talented Batoh has combined two decades of acupuncture work with his career as head...