JR's "Can Art Change the World?"
French street artist and activist JR posed a loaded question on stage in 2011, when he was awarded the $100,000 TED Prize: can art change the world? A book of the same name, published by Phaidon and made in close collaboration with JR, gives one of...
Reproducing Scholten & Baijings Book
In 2000, Dutch designers Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings set out to design functional products, exclusively collaborate with the world's best brands and professionals and to find a balance between industrially produced series and experimental...
Mexico: The Cookbook
700 authentic Mexican recipes sourced from the Baja to the Yucatán, bound in one book—you may never order out again, with this bible at your fingertips. Master staples like fajitas and moles and experiment with dishes like cactus salad and blue crab...
Phaidon's Monograph on Ettore Sottsass
As the mastermind behind vibrant, eccentric furniture—not to mention the iconic Olivetti ‘Valentine’ typewriter—Italy's Ettore Sottsass established himself as one of the most important contributors to the Postmodernist movement. This famed founder...
Eating With The Chefs
From Per-Anders Jorgensen—the photographer (and mastermind) behind Stockholm-based culinary magazine, Fool—comes this extensive tome, which beautifully highlights the family meals created at some of the world's top restaurants. "Eating with the Chefs...
Vitamin D2
Covered in henna-colored scribbles, Vitamin D2 is the unassuming sequel to Phaidon's extensive 2005 tome Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing. Like its predecessor, Vitamin D2 explores the contemporary world of art's most fundamental, but sometimes...
From the Pantheon to the Hoover Dam, concrete has literally shaped the civilized world as we know it. Although once referred to as "the cheapest (and ugliest) thing in the building world" by Frank Lloyd Wright, concrete's adaptive properties have...
Vitamin Green
The intersection of sustainability and design is one that brings to bear problems and solutions wherein the problems can be life-threatening and the solutions critical. "Vitamin Green" is a massive, comprehensive snapshot of the design world's response...
A Visual Inventory
In his career architect John Pawson has designed monasteries for Cistercian monks and constructed boutique shopping locales. He has sketched concepts for yachts, created lounges for Hong Kong airlines, and has even published the deliciously simple...