Tailored Fragrance Set
Thanks to a clever survey done online, perfumer Hawthorne tailor-makes two fragrances for you—or the person you're gifting it to. From asking about specific types of whisky you drink, to style choices, workplace atmospheres and even body temperature...
For Her Eau de Toilette
Dark, floral and with woody undertones, Narciso Rodriguez's classic fragrance (launched back in 2003) might be a crowd-pleaser but it's still sophisticated. With hints of amber, this scent is subtle, elegant and altogether lush. The black glass bottle...
Hippie Shit
The online shop dedicated to all things cannabis culture, Mister Green eschews the brash aesthetic that weed products have become so known for in favor of a minimalist, casual elegance. Hippie Shit, the LA label's first fragrance and made in collaboration...
Coveted Duchess Rose Eau de Parfum
Beneath the elegant, engaging product design and an accompanying fictional narrative of Victorian lords and ladies, heritage fragrance brand Penhaligon's new Coveted Duchess Rose Eau de Parfum delivers a vibrant, sensual scent. Rose dominates the perfume...
The Bygone Candle Co.
Founded last year in White Plains, NY, Britt Dignan's Bygone Candle Co. produces candles that boast lush fragrances made to remind users of seasons past. Dignan decided to start the business after failing to find candles that were seasonally appropriate...
PHLUR's Sustainable, Gender-Neutral Fragrances
Working closely with their partners, new fragrance brand PHLUR is making perfumes that are sustainable, support communities and maintain traditions. From using a synthetic alternative to Natural Indian Sandalwood (which has been over-harvested...
Cypress Fig Personal Fragrance
After the continued success of their Cypress Fig candle, socially conscious lifestyle brand Apolis has converted the scent into a gender neutral (perfume-quality) scent. The two defining notes, cypress and fig, blend into a beautifully sweet but unisex...
Amazingreen Fragrance
With notes of palm tree leaves, dew mist, white musk, green pepper and coriander seeds—to name a few—this “Amazingreen” unisex fragrance from Japanese label Comme des Garçons emits the alluring scent of the jungle, cut with the bitterness of spice...
Paola Bottai
by Josephine McKenna for Freunde von Freunden Paola Bottai has been passionate about perfume for as long as she can remember. In fact, her nose is so sensitive she used to feel ill whenever she picked up a bad smell on the street. Now a top...
Onyx Pearl Perfume
This unisex fragrance by Swedish perfumers Agonist is strong, confident and unique—and the simple black and white graphics with the pop of red in the bottom of the bottle make an equally impactful statement. Blending heliotrope, Australian sandalwood...
Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Sophisticated Scents
While we may not give much thought to our noses on the day-to-day, as it turns out, it's one of the easiest senses to please—and of course, turn off. These magnificently unique fragrances break out of the typical cologne or perfume box and activate...
Bespoke Perfume
Born from the belief that scent is intensely personal, NYC-based Tramuntana makes entirely one-of-a-kind fragrances using the purest oils and essences. Based on a questionnaire and conversations (in-person or not) with a representative, a perfume is...
Tacit Eau de Parfum
Finding a scent that expresses who you are without beating passers-by over the head can be quite a challenge. Tacit, the first scent from Aesop since their debut fragrance Marrakech (and its re-vamped version Marrakech Intense), offers a clean, grounded...
Sardine Scent-Diffusing Sphere
Having "stinky" sardines on an aroma vessel (that resembles a fortune teller's orb) is a cheeky, bold statement—but don't worry, it's not the scent being diffused through the charcoal-like reeds. "Otto" is Fornasetti's aromatic signature, with top...
Air Fresheners Of The Apocalypse
Illustrator Jim Stoten's contribution to the Air Fresheners of the Apocalypse collection is bold in design and scent. Inspired by the 1952 post-apocalyptic novel "Daybreak 2250 AD," Stoten's character is a chilled-out mutant—part human, part flower...
Modern Apothecary by the Sea: Haeckels
The English seaside town of Margate—a historical retreat for Londoners fleeing the city smog—has chalk reefs and cliffs along its coast that nurture unique families of seaweed. Carefully hand-harvested, this seaweed becomes the base ingredient for...
Designing Penhaligon's Bayolea Grooming Line
With Penhaligon's introduction of Bayolea, their most comprehensive men's luxury grooming line to date, the brand has succeeded twofold. Having tested the entire product range for over a month now, it stands as an effective, enjoyable collection...
The White Line Fragrance Collection by Odin New York
Though Odin New York is often touted as a men's lifestyle boutique, the brand is inching toward the androgynous. This is especially apparent in the cult following of its fragrances, which have developed a unisex fan base despite most often landing...
Solid Perfume
Small-batch cult perfumer Le Labo has a new way for you to wear your favorite scent: in solid perfume form. The refillable metal case is small and portable, so Santal 33 or Vetiver 46 can be taken on a plane or applied anywhere you go. Rubbing the...
1900 Box
With its brand revival, Papier d'Arménie preserves its original early 20th century aesthetic on packaging for aromatic items such as their 1900 Box containing 12 booklets of 36 incense-like perfume strips.
Four Standout Makers at 2014 AfroPunk Festival
by Laura Feinstein Since its humble beginnings in 2004 as a small, free concert at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s BAMcafé in Fort Greene, Brooklyn the AfroPunk Festival has blossomed into a full, two-day cultural juggernaut with thousands of attendees...
MCMC + Mociun Collaborate on a Scent for Summer
With just one bottle remaining of her favorite fragrance, jewelry designer Caitlin Mociun (founder of a CH favorite, Brooklyn-based Mociun) needed a suitable replacement for her discontinued "hippie musk." The answer came during a serendipitous conversation...
Commodity's Fragrance Fitting Kit
Sleekly and simply packaged, Commodity’s collection of handcrafted, small-batch fragrances for men and women offer an opportunity to find one’s signature scent far away from the beauty counter. Adapting a Warby Parker-like model, the LA-based brand...
L'Art Du Soin by Diptyque
When the cult-followed Parisian candlemaker and parfumeur Diptyque announced its expansion into skincare—dubbed "L'Art Du Soin"—we were hesitant at first. With hundreds of other brands crowding the luxury skincare market, we wondered what Diptyque...
Diesel Playlists
Advertorial content: A good scent transports you—like a good playlist—to a better state of mind. Taking Diesel's Loverdose, Only the Brave and Fuel for Life fragrances as inspiration, we gathered together some of our favorite tracks from recent memory...
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