Per La Mente

Night Garden of Serenissima
Few cities evoke more wonder and mystery than Venice, a metropolis known for its music, history and art. Violinist and event curator Adriana Molello traveled to the Italian destination earlier this year, and it inspired her to create an evening of...
Turning a Holiday Meal into a High-Tech Work of Collaborative Art
Working with creative culinary experience designer Michael Cirino of A Razor / A Shiny Knife, lifestyle website Per La Mente created a high-tech yet harmonious holiday dinner. A joyful and celebratory evening, it was a convergence of interdisciplinary...
A Dreamy Journey Through an Undulating Rainbow
Open the doors to the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA)'s Great Hall and you are enveloped in near-total darkness: a wide tunnel-like walkway with a pulsating color show glimmering on a screen at the opposite end. It's a little daunting, this darkness...
Artist and Chef Michael Cirino Makes Cocktails with Drones
Everyone knows that waiting for a bartender to shake or stir your drink is a common annoyance associated with good cocktail making. Brooklyn creator Michael Cirino, boasting some serious Italian heritage cred, decided to change the game. As lifestyle...
RhizomeNYC’s Art and Activism Enlivens Stages in Brooklyn and Beyond
Contrary to what many might believe, New York’s art scene is far from dead and this cultural exploration by must-visit lifestyle website Per La Mente helps shine a light on where it's thriving. Despite the city’s skyrocketing prices and the extreme...
Drink Fernet with a Sixth-Generation Branca
Inside Fernet-Branca's cozy speakeasy, with access granted thanks to the brand's must-visit lifestyle and cultural destination Per La Mente, all mahogany bars and soft leather seating rise between floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Italian tunes from...