Pigeon Whole Bakers
Located right next door to Freeman (and providing the restaurant with their bread), Pigeon Whole Bakers makes some of the best bread in Tasmania. Without adding any fake flavors, colors or additives, Pigeon Whole's breads are handmade with stoneground...
Jackman & McRoss
Much more than fresh bread, classic pastries and great coffee, Battery Point institution Jackman & McRoss has plenty of Tasmanian (and wider Australian) specialities on offer. This light-filled cafe has a distinctly Victorian style—with old-fashioned...
Pasteleria Ideal
Allow a few minutes for a spin through another one of Mexico City's unique establishments, Pasteleria Ideal. Originally built in 1927, this two-story bakery borderlines on ridiculous with its towering quinceañera cakes, thematic jelly treats and layers...
Becca Punch of The Musket Room, NYC
Just a few blocks from the perpetually busy corner of Houston and Lafayette in NYC's SoHo neighborhood lies a tranquil outpost for New Zealand cuisine that channels the calm reserve of the island nation. Just four months after opening in October...
Cool Hunting Video: Dominique Ansel
Greeted every morning by 150+ pastry enthusiasts waiting eagerly for a taste of the renowned Cronut, Dominique Ansel Bakery of Soho has made quite a name for itself. We spoke with the bakery's head chef and owner, Dominique Ansel to see where his...
1235 Donuts
by Adam Coghlan There’s a new donut-slinging duo in London. Brad and Molly McDonald have given the already hip and quaint tourist destination, East London's Columbia Road, a new edible attraction. On Sunday mornings, from their lemon-yellow front...
Glazed & Infused
Following the trend started by the Doughnut Vault—where owners were opening tiny, walk-up classic doughnut shops in a small corner of their venues—restaurant mogul Scott Harris made it his own and has launched a sweet cake empire. Glazed & Infused...
Pavé Milano
"A living room with a laboratory" is how Pavé defines itself. Located in Milan in the trendy area of Porta Venezia, this bakery and pastry shop represents a singular case of young entrepreneurship and quest for quality in food. Pavé was born just...
In their first cookbook, the cult-followed Portland, ME bakery Standard Baking Co. shares the recipes behind some of their most beloved pastries, including their scrumptious chocolate corks and morning buns. Authored by head chefs Alison Pray and Tara...