Eagle Creek's Durable, Lightweight Cargo Hauler
On a recent camping trip for a desert music festival, carrying an overstuffed duffle was a regrettable choice—all weekend long. It was extremely heavy, and the only way to carry it was a rough strap that seemed to leave permanent groove in my shoulder...
F1 Spacepak Organizer
Packing (and unpacking, shudder) becomes a bit more bearable with Flight 001's nifty Spacepak differently colored and sized bags for toiletries, socks and underwear, clothes, shoes and even suits. The bags not only keep things well-organized and compressed...
When opening a recent purchase from the Dwell store, we were surprised to uncover a new type of safe packaging material. ExpandOS is eye-catching—with its paper-made pyramid-like structure—and the more research we embarked on, the happier it made...
CH Zambia: Tumi Safari Bag
For our first Cool Hunting Edition travel experience we brought 24 friends and readers on safari in Zambia. Over the course of eight days, CH Zambia guests experienced the wonders and wildlife of Africa with a few surprises from our brand partners...
Life Jackets and Dry Bags
Being prepared for any situation is a key element to ensure safety in the outdoors. In the case of our recent sea kayaking trip in Hawaii we had the unexpected chance to put our life jackets and dry bags through some thorough testing. While kayaking...