Velvet Idole Digital Accessories
Velvet Idole is a Parisian line of digital accessories specializing in hand-crafted cases your laptop, iPod or PSP. Made from fine calf leather with foam padding and a cotton interior lining, the cases are both high-quality and functional. The laptop...
The Streets PSP Case Contest
Logitech offers a customizable PSP case, but if you're fresh out of your own ideas and you love The Streets, Cool Hunting's giving away a limited edition one that features The Streets logo pictured above. To win, go this "When You Wasn't Famous" video...
Loco Roco Demo
Some of you may remember, last month when I reported on this year's Loco Roco. The official Japanese website has a demo of the game available for download. I wouldn't normally put a post up on CH saying "you gotta try this," but...
Dunhill PSP Case
This case from Dunhill is one of the hottest we've seen. Carry your PSP in leather-trimmed water resistant canvas, with pockets for your gear and a strap to keep the player angled when you're watching flicks. Available Online in the UK for...
We Have a Winner...
In the PSP Wipeout Pure Artist Track competition between designers Neil McFarland and Jon Burgerman, we have a winner! With a lead of over 750 votes, Jon Burgerman's piece has been selected to run in the print campaign for the U.K. launch of...
CH Readers: Vote for Sony's PSP U.K. Launch Print Campaign
Designers Neil McFarland and Jon Burgerman were asked to create art inspired by the game Wipeout Pure to be used in the print ads for the U.K. launch of Sony's PSP. CH readers get to pick which one will actually get used. Check them out and...
Nyko PSP Charger Case & Theater Experience
Nyko has come out with two accessories for the PSP. First is the Charger Case (left), in which your lovely PSP fits snugly into a neoprene lining. Both items use a lithium-ion battery. The battery works by having the PSP battery charge first. When...
PS Pictogram Series X Porter Bags
PSP Launch Party in NYC
It's rumored that Thursday's US drop of the Sony Play Stations Portable will be over 1 million units. For those of you in NYC who want to celebrate and even better, get a PSP hours before the rest, there's a launch event at the Sony Style...