Cool Hunting Video: The Sidecar Bar Cart
For his latest collaboration with Moore and Giles, expert bartender Jim Meehan—of PDT fame—decided to take a stab at creating the ultimate bar cart. Going above and beyond, Meehan focused on creating a super-durable and highly functional cart that...
PDT's Cocktail Expert Jim Meehan Tackles Airport Lounges
For a bartender with as much knowhow as Jim Meehan (his PDT book forever changed how many think about and make cocktails), his legendary drinks make him something of mythical figure to many cocktail experts, who are willing to travel far and wide...
PDT and La Boîte Bloody Mary Spices
Jim Meehan, Managing Partner of New York City's no-longer-a-secret cocktail venue PDT (Please Don't Tell), regularly uses ingredients from Lior Lev Sercarz's biscuit and spice shop La Boîte à Epice for glass rims and garnish. It makes sense, since...
Moore & Giles Leather Work Apron
Venerable leather goods purveyor Moore & Giles sources the finest hides from around the world to find the perfect fit for each product. For their latest release, a leather work apron, Moore & Giles worked with two types of vegetable-tanned leather...
Tap Into Austin Signature Cocktail
Sponsored content: We recently hosted a series of parties in five U.S. cities to bring the Subpop Showcase at SXSW to those that couldn't make the trip to Austin. To ensure the highest level of sophistication to the bar, we enlisted our friend Jim...