Outdoor Art

RhizomeNYC’s Art and Activism Enlivens Stages in Brooklyn and Beyond
Contrary to what many might believe, New York’s art scene is far from dead and this cultural exploration by must-visit lifestyle website Per La Mente helps shine a light on where it's thriving. Despite the city’s skyrocketing prices and the extreme...
Richard Deacon's "SOME TIME" at Middelheim Museum
Antwerp's Middelheim Museum is a surprise that's worth a trip to the Belgian city. The unique open-air sculpture museum—where nature and art establish a constant peculiar dialogue—is a 27-hectare institution that's home to sculptures of several...
AREA4 + Architect Suchi Reddy's Prospect Park Pinwheel Flower Garden
As Brooklyn's Prospect Park celebrates its 150th anniversary, an underused patch of land in Frederick Law Olmsted's sprawling wonder now contains a temporary public work of wonder. Situated in the 2.5-acre Rose Garden, 7,000 flower-like pinwheels...
FAILE's Large-Scale Venice Beach Installation
741 California Ave in Venice Beach isn't your average city corner. Here, Brooklyn art duo FAILE have installed, by hand, 16,000 custom tiles inspired by the city's iconography. It stretches across the home of Rancho V's Rocco Gardner, occupying a facade...
Creative Time + Pedro Reyes' "Doomocracy" at the Brooklyn Army Terminal
For anyone unfamiliar with the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park, statistics help paint a clear picture. Built back in 1917, it's over 95 acres of land, warehouses, cargo and docks in South Brooklyn. There are similarities here to the Brooklyn...
"A Beautiful Disorder" at Cass Sculpture Foundation
About two hours from London, or an hour from Brighton, Cass Sculpture Foundation sprawls across 26 acres of land and features monumental large-scale sculptures on its grounds. Open to the public seven days a week from April through November, the...
Landmark at Queens' Socrates Sculpture Park
Occupying a nook of green space along the waterfront in Long Island City, Queens, Socrates Sculpture Park has developed a reputation over the last 30 years for two things. First, the organization behind it (founded by sculptor Mark di Suvero) has acted...
Artist Leo Villareal Lights Up San Francisco's Bay Bridge Permanently
We have been following light artist Leo Villareal's The Bay Lights exhibition since its announcement back in 2011. Villareal succeeded—magnificently—in setting San Francisco's iconic Bay Bridge aglow in March 2013. The visceral, undulating art...
Wynwood Walls
With windowless warehouses as canvases, art hub Wynwood Walls is more than large-scale graffiti; it's a showcase of global talent and artistry. The scope is ever-expanding, as is the list of participants. Murals now extend well-beyond the original...
Inside London's Frieze Art Fair 2015
London’s annual art extravaganza, Frieze, is currently drawing art-hungry crowds to the beautiful Regent’s Park in the city center. Always a fun, impressive fair, this year’s Frieze featured an unusual number of works that were inspired by the space...
JR + Takao Shiraishi in Fukushima
by Marie Salomé Peyronnel In addition to winning the 2011 TED Prize, JR's acclaim has grown after showings at Galerie Perrotin, the Tate Modern and the Venice Biennale. Outside of traditional bounds of the art world, the artist has made an equivocal...
London's Living Walls Public Art
The legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games is still very much alive in East London. After the success of the event itself, which many of the famously cynical Londoners had assumed would cause traffic chaos and be a waste of money, the pride felt when all...
XXL Art: When Artists Think Big
Love it or hate it, large-scale art does exactly what art is meant to do: to provoke a thought and maybe even knock the norm on its ass. "XXL Art: When Artists Think Big" by Elea Baucheron showcases jumbo installations like Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate...