Optical Illusions

Rounded Base Bar Whiskey Glasses
For anyone who likes to give their whiskey a little swirl before sipping, the Sagaform rounded base whiskey tumbler (which comes in a set of six) makes it all the easier. A central raised point on the glass bottom means it doesn't rest flat, but always...
Variations Autour de La Longue Marche
This year, 86-year-old Argentine artist and social activist Julio Le Parc was the fourth person invited by Hermès Éditeur to bring his art to silk: vibrant stripes of colors loop, twist and dance to tell of a journey and experiences. Though the sixty...
Studio Cheha's "3D" Reading Lamps
Ever since creating their first optical illusion lamp—a 3D-looking bulb that's actually a flat, laser-engraved sheet of acrylic glass—Tel Aviv-based Studio Cheha has continued to play with perception with more fun iterations, from a glowing scene...
BULBING Galaxy Lamp
Studio Cheha, a Tel Aviv-based design studio, brings two-dimensional planes to "light" with their optical illusion lamps—which were funded on Kickstarter. Their galaxy-themed BULBING lamp illuminates the room with a small scene from the night sky...
Michael Zelehoski's New Order
by Janine Stankus In the converted garage space of his Beacon, NY studio, artist Michael Zelehoski and his brother guide a 9'x5' plywood slab through a table saw, carefully slicing the bottom edge. The plywood is actually pieced together around fragments...