One Pieces

Just One One-Piece by Apricoss
by Sun Bak Upon a recent visit to one of our favorite online boutiques, Kindred Black, we came across a new brand that only offers a single, sophisticated swimsuit style. That was enough—one look and we were undeniably impressed by Apricoss...
Annemarie Striped Swimsuit
From NY-based brand Solid & Striped comes another new classic. The Annemarie one-piece swimsuit is at once traditional and modern—with a time-honored shape and pattern, but made with the finest new materials. A cutesy take on a preppy look, the thick...
Bower Swimwear Resort 2016
It's no secret that we at CH lean toward minimalist swimwear (and lingerie) with bold cuts and colors—the pieces that instill confidence, rather than stripping it away. One such label that caught our eye is the year-old Bower, founded by Fiona...
Postcard Swimwear
While there's an almost overwhelming selection of swimwear available, the search for the perfect suit often ends in lukewarm feelings. Sydney-based Postcard Swimwear offers a different kind of service: custom pieces that are designed using artwork...
Under $100 Swimsuit Essentials from Bikyni
The search for a simple, versatile swimsuit seems to be a migraine-inducing event that comes back more fiercely every year. A new online-only brand Bikyni hopes to make the experience as pleasant as booking a sweet summer weekend getaway. Launching...
Onia Launches First Women's Collection
Another new minimalist swimwear option has become available for women who just want to get in the water. The latest comes from NYC-based technical swimwear brand Onia, which thoughtfully designs classy pieces made from high-quality, high-performing...
Sporty, Black and White Swimsuits for Summer
While recent swimwear collections have delighted us with plenty of loud graphics, neon hues and everything from cut-outs to tassels and more, sometimes less really is more. For this beach season, we've rounded up six swimsuits that are actually made...
Low Lives Swimwear
Melbourne, Australia-based brand Low Lives is less than a year old and their second collection is arriving just in time for summer—summer Down Under, at least. With laid-back, sporty one-pieces and bikinis that bear words like "Babewatch" and "High...
This Season's Best Graphic Swimwear + Sunglasses
While the sunshine has been teasing the Northern Hemisphere for some time, real summertime weather is finally upon us. In celebration of all the beach adventures, poolside hangouts and river tubing to come, the CH team has hand-picked some of the most...