Miami Art Week 2014: Reimagining The Human Form
A centuries-long obsession with human form continues to inspire artists across all media. Both the familiar and the unknown, the easy-to-recognize and the purely abstract, it is the self and the other. At this year's Miami Art Week, many works caught...
Real Fake Nudes: Custom Illustrations by Ben Hammond
Berlin-based British portraitist Ben Hammond is a freelance illustrator whose portfolio includes expert works for various clients, but we have totally fallen for his Real Fake Nudes. Essentially creating pseudo-portraits, Hammond can be commissioned...
Dan Gluibizzi: Between Friends
Sex, bongs and the internet—these are the motifs explored in the watercolors of Portland-via-New York artist and Tumblr addict Dan Gluibizzi (pronounced "glue-busy"). Opening tomorrow, 1 March 2014, at LA's Kopeikin Gallery, Gluibizzi's solo exhibition...
Odiseo Vol. 2
When viewing adult entertainment through rose-tinted glasses, the longstanding joke about "gentlemen's magazines" is that the pictures are nice, but one subscribes for the articles. While we all know this is hardly the case with most newsstand nudie...
Interview: Spencer Tunick
Photographer Spencer Tunick fills landscapes and public places with the naked body. Some of his images offer the view of one nude figure, while others reveal epic scenes of mass mobs in historic and iconic locations. From thousands of people lined...
Christian Witkin
by Katharina Galla The portrait photographer Christian Witkin is best known for his advertising and editorial work for major publications like New York Times Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and many more. Entering what he calls "the second half...
Ampersand Gallery and Dunderdon
The seemingly surprising collaboration between Portland's Ampersand Gallery and Swedish workwear company Dunderdon came about in a wholly organic fashion. Les Szabo, a long-time Portland resident and the owner of Dunderdon USA, walked into Ampersand...