Our Back to School Reading List
Whether you're voracious readers or simply image-seeking page flippers, the following eight books reflect some of the most interesting that have crossed our path recently. As students head off to school, we can all jump on the book-reading band wagon...
Apparel Inspired by "1984" from The Affair
As demonstrated by Edward Snowden, Big Brother is not just a imaginary entity and the dystopian future depicted in George Orwell's novel "1984" is drifting closer to non-fiction by the day. This chilling actualization is, in part, what inspired...
Interview: David Levithan
10 years ago, one book re-imagined how a gay love story could be told. Deft, honest and straightforward, The New York Times' best-selling author David Levithan's book "Boy Meets Boy" offered hope to young LGBTQ readers. Now Levithan has done it again...
Notable Fiction
While the Huffington Post blazed the way for new media winning a Pulitzer Prize on Monday, the literary world was stunned by the board's refusal to name a Fiction winner for the first time since 1977. They did, however, reveal the three finalists...
Harlem is Nowhere
Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts' debut novel "Harlem is Nowhere" finds the young author discovering herself in a foreign place that seems all too familiar. Pitts moved to Harlem after completing a Fulbright Scholarship in England, and lived in the upper Manhattan...