Helly Hansen's Ask Winter Coat Collection
As far as high-performance heritage brands go, very few carry the history of Helly Hansen, who've been snatching up consumers and awards for their technological advancements since 1877. For their latest line of men's winter coats, the Ask Collection...
Word of Mouth: Reykjavik Nightlife
Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice—and for good reason. Contrast is part of the Icelandic landscape and identity. Glaciers sit alongside steaming hot springs, snow-capped mountains run into black-sand beaches and in the capital of Reykjavik...
Mirror of Threads Blankets by Emdal Colorknit
Designer Signe Emdal has an affinity with the year 1984. That's the year her 1.25-ton German knitting machine was made, as well as the Nikon camera she uses to create patterns from photos. However, Emdal (who entered the industry in 2006 by helping...
The Weather Diaries: Interpreting Fashion from the West Nordic Islands
Following Reykjavik and Seattle, the German city of Frankfurt is the host of this year's Third Nordic Fashion Biennale (NFB), a traveling event that highlights the unique work of young creatives from Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. It offers...
Word of Mouth: Reykjavik
We all know the adage, Greenland is icy and Iceland is green. But really, not many know much more of the large island nation inhabited by just 320,000 people. On our most recent trip to Iceland to visit the capital city of Reykjavik for DesignMarch...
Highland Park Loki
Inspired by the mischievous and mercurial Nordic god, the amber liquid of the newly released Loki seems to capture the unpredictable shape-shifting nature of its namesake. Matured in both Spanish sherry and heavily peated casks, the flavors offer...
Askov Finlayson
By Joan Erakit Askov Finlayson owners and founders, brothers Eric and Andrew Dayton believe in a simple design philosophy: keep it fun. The lighthearted approach they took to their men's retail store in Minneapolis's North Loop neighborhood highlights...