Super Mario Sticky Note Art Kit
With easy-to-follow instructions and custom sticky notes as the medium, a Super Mario mosaic can be added to just about any wall or window. Mimicking a retro 8-bit style, thanks to the block-like sticky notes, there's a nostalgic visual appeal to the...
Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
Gamers will go gaga over Keith Stuart's ultimate book on the early Japanese video game console. "Sega Mega Drive / Genesis: Collected Works" is a veritable bible of information, covering every detail like console blueprints and specs, history, character...
"Multiplayer" relives the beauty and simplicity of the '80s arcade with a group show—including the likes of Dave Perillo, The Silent Giants, Mike Budai and more—atGallery 1988's newly-opened westside location. Sponsored by OMG Posters...
Wine no Hajimekata DS
Earlier this month, video-game maker Square Enix (the company behind the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series) released Wine no Hajimekata DS, a wine tasting game for the Nintendo DS. The game teaches wine enthusiasts how to taste and pair wines...
Win a Wii from ThisNext and Cool Hunting
If you're one of those who wants a Wii, but is too busy reading Cool Hunting to go out and get one yourself, you have until this Friday, 31 August, to win one from CH and This Next. All you have to do to enter is contribute to Cool Hunting! Just...
Cool Hunting x ThisNext: Wii Giveaway
Our friends at ThisNext have given us a Wii. As much as Wii here at Cool Hunting would love to keep the Wii for ourselves, Wii've decided to just give it away to one lucky wiiner. Get it? I'm replacing the word we with Wii, because that'...
The International Chiptune Resistance Tour
In Japan currently, the International Chiptune Resistance Tour touches down stateside next week, bringing "lo-bit tactical specialists" Bit Shifter and Nullsleep to North America. The Nintendo-based music makers are rising fast and each...
The Electronic Entertainment Expo
The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is a bit like the louder flashier sister to the Game Developers Conference. It's an opportunity to check out new titles and display new hardware. It's also an opportunity for top executives in the industry to...
GDC: Platform Keynote Speakers
J. Allard's (Microsoft) keynote speech, The Future of Games: Unlocking the Opportunity (on Wednesday) and Satoru Iwata's (Nintendo) Heart of a Gamer (on Thursday) both discussed the next generation in platform gaming. Allard's speech was more technical...