KeyMission 360 Camera
The world lives in all 360 degrees, so it makes sense that our cameras have made the necessary steps to capture it this way. Shooting 4K UHD video and still, in a full spherical 360-degree field of view, Nikon's KeyMission 360 uses two Nikkor lenses...
Notes: The Three Camera Kit
I started taking pictures with my father’s Nikon F when I was eight years old and not long after began developing film and making prints in the darkroom. Back then watching a photo come to life in a tray of developer was instantly gratifying—granted...
Nikon's D500 Satiates the Need for Speed
Nikon released the D5 and D500 last month to great fanfare—and the latter especially appeals to photography lovers whose professions don't warrant paying $6500 for the new flagship DSLR. The D500 is a true replacement camera for the D300 series (which...
Notes: Prime, Fast and Wide
Prime and fast. As a photographer, these are the two most important words that describe the lenses I use. Prime, meaning one focal length—not a zoom lens. Fast, meaning a wide aperture to let in lots of light. Prime lenses not only deliver sharper...
Nikon KeyMission 360
Nikon, today at CES, unveiled their expected flagship update, the D5 (more on that soon), plus the unexpected entry point to the action and VR space, the KeyMission 360. It's bit larger than a GoPro, but the device has two lenses, not one. Facing...
Nikon’s Full-Frame D-SLR: D750
by Tariq Dixon With professional-grade capabilities in a compact, lightweight body, Nikon’s D750 is the brand's latest (and in many ways, its most versatile) full-frame D-SLR. We took the camera to Puerto Rico to test its range of unique features...
Nikon Df
The much rumored and highly anticipated news from Nikon is now official: The Df—an advanced-level D-SLR blending a classic, vintage-inspired design with the performance of a modern FX-format camera—has just been unveiled. For longtime Nikon users...
Nikon 1 AW1
With the advancement of camera technology within mobile phones—like Nokia's astounding 41-megapixel sensor in the recently released Lumia 1020, for example—the need for a separate everyday point and shoot camera is dwindling. But Nikon is proving...
Nikon Coolpix A
Thanks to Instagram, in 2013 everybody is a food photographer. The plethora of filters the social app provides has undoubtedly contributed to making culinary still lifes more visually intriguing, but it's done little to heighten the medium of photography...
The latest addition to the ever advancing world of photography sees three new cameras announced from Nikon today. Joining the COOLPIX line is the more advanced P7700, the tiny, credit card-sized S01 and the Android-powered S800c. Set to release...
Urban Jungle
Leading up to the New York International Auto Show Land Rover celebrated 25 years in the U.S. by staging an "Urban Jungle" in a parking lot beneath the High Line in Manhattan. Decorated with buried taxis and vintage Rovers, the course features hills...
Nikon D800
Almost every picture I take for Cool Hunting stories is shot with my Nikon D700 so today's unveil of the D800 is welcomed news. An expected follow-on to last month's D4 announcement, the D800 brings a bounty of new features ranging from a massive...
Nikon D4
Just announced, the Nikon D4 is an update to the brand's flagship DSLR, over four years in the making. Boasting a 16.2MP full-frame sensor capable of low-light capture at ISO levels as high as 204,800 as well as high speed shooting of up to 11 frames...
Nikon Coolpix AW100
Nikon has not released a compact waterproof camera since stopping production of their popular Jacques Cousteau-approved Nikonos camera in 2001. Launching today for the consumer market is their answer to the modern adventure seeker's needs—a...
Nikon Coolpix S8000
Released today as part of Nikon's new Style Series line, the S8000 continues the trend of narrowing the gap between high end, image-focused SLRs and conveniently pocket-sized point-and-shoots. The diminutive camera, at 14.2 megapixels with full 10x...
Nikon Festival
In an initiative surrounding the HD video capabilities of Nikon's sharp new D5000, the Nikon Festival recently tapped the creative community that uses their gear. Challenging them with a seemingly Twitter-inspired contest, the missive was to create...
Nikon CoolWalker
Today Nikon also announced the CoolWalker MSV-01 mobile storage device. The MSV-01 is the first in a new line of digital image storage devices that solves the storage limitation problem of CF. It will no longer be necessary to have a slough of CF...
Nikon D70
Today Nikon announced the D70, its newest digital SLR. It combines professional level features and quality with slightly more accessible pricing. I'm interested to see how the image quality compares to the D100. When it hits the shelves this Spring...
14 Megapixels
Phil Askey reviews the new 14 Mega Pixel (Wow!) digital SLR from Kodak (and Nikon). The DCS Pro 14n is available now, but in limited quantities.